Do You Need a Video Game Controller Extended Warranty?

As a video game aficionado, you want to make sure your entire gaming setup is in full functioning order at all times. You don’t want to miss a session, whether playing with a group of friends and family or solo, so you take the effort of taking care of your gear seriously.
However, you can’t control everything involved with your gaming controller, ironically enough. Sometimes, you have to search for outside solutions, like a comprehensive and reliable extended video gaming warranty from a brand you can trust.

How to Take Care of Your Video Game Controller

There are ways you can take care of your video game controller to ensure that it works effectively through all of your intensive gaming sessions. The main DIY effort gamers take on is cleaning.
If you’re like most gamers, you spend a lot of time in your comfortable gaming chair slaying the competition. That can spur your appetite, but who has time to step away from the gaming console and controller? You might grab a bag of chips or order a burger and fries or pizza. And everyone knows what happens next. You get involved in a serious bout of play, and the mess happens.
Afterward, though, you might see a congregation of crumbs in all the crucial nooks and crannies of your controller. Mel Magazine shares that it goes far beyond the food you might eat, as far as contaminating your gaming controller with various substances.
You also need to think about skin and respiratory transfer—via skin flaking and coughing or yelling, respectively—that can lead to illness over time. All this means that you do need to perform some basic cleaning duties to protect yourself and anyone else who might use your gear at any time.
Further, if any of those substances get impacted into the crevices of your gaming controller, you might also experience trouble getting it to function. Those items might create build-up, meaning you can’t fully operate your gear.
The best strategy for cleaning is performing routine daily maintenance. Check your gear each day when you shut down and get ready for bed. If you see some crumbs, use your compressed air machine or give it a quick wipe-down with a tech-safe cleaning cloth. This simple step takes a few moments and could save your gaming controller’s health and your health.

Your Care and Attention to Video Game Controller Only Goes So Far

Like any responsible video gamer, you put a lot of time into keeping your gaming controller in working order. However, sometimes things break down. And it is either a function of poor manufacturing, time-based wear and tear, or an accident like a drop or spill. Unfortunately, it happens. This is why we all count on extended warranties and product insurance plans as much as we do.
You save your money and invest in a product. So you want to make sure it will last, regardless of how much you pay for it. While manufacturers only take so much responsibility for their products, offering limited warranties, there are other options, fortunately. Specialized warranty providers can help fill the gaps that your care and your basic manufacturer’s warranty create.

Your Controller Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty Doesn’t Help

Limited manufacturer’s warranties are extremely limited in their coverage. According to My Law Questions, while included in the product’s price, these warranties brim with restrictions.
Although companies usually promise to replace products if they are damaged or unusable, they only last for a short period. Again, they feature some tight restrictions and ask customers to jump through some time-consuming and energy-draining hoops. Many consumers throw their hands in the air and give up, left wondering if that isn’t the point of it all.

Do You Need a Video Game Controller Warranty?

The cost to repair or replace a gaming controller can be high. However, an Upsie video game warranty for your controller provides affordable warranties that won’t break the bank. For example, Upsie’s extended controller warranties cost up to 70 percent less than extended warranties from retailers or manufacturers. In addition, Upsie protects against manufacturing defects, early wear, and accidental damage, including damage from drops and liquid spills. The peace of mind alone is worth it for most serious gamers.
Upsie’s warranties are comprehensive, intuitive, and easy to understand. In short, Upsie puts the customer first and ensures that the customers get the most out of every warranty. Gamers should invest in an Upsie extended video gaming warranty to enjoy everything that goes into the Upsie Promise.

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