Two Reasons to Get a Playstation Extended Warranty

Sony released the Playstation 5 in 2020. According to the company, demand for this gaming console remains strong, but sadly, supply shortages still mean that the company still can’t wholly satisfy demand in 2022. Chip shortages hamper production, and the company cannot say when it can work with supplies to resolve the issue.
Even so, Sony still reports brisk sales. At the end of 2021, the company said it had sold over 17 million PS5s. Along with console sales, Sony also profits from selling games, subscription services, and accessories.
The millions of gamers who recently purchased PS5s should prudently consider the reasons to protect their valuable and still-rare gaming console with a PlayStation extended warranty from Upsie.

Reason 1: PS5 Gaming Consoles Are Tough to Replace

Gamers who were persistent or lucky enough to snag one of these relatively new consoles should treasure them because they’re not easily replaced. According to CBS News, many people paid $100, $200, or more over the list price to purchase a PS5 from third-party sellers.
After paying more money than the manufacturer listed them for, buyers will want to keep their investment protected. Upsie extended Playstation 5 warranties offer broad coverage against accidents, wear, or defects. In addition, the protection plan lets customers choose between certified local or mail-in service, and Upsie foots the bill for mail-in postage.

Reason 2: PS5 Gaming Consoles Are Expensive to Fix

Sony has an excellent reputation for the quality of its gaming consoles. Still, some users have experienced problems, like Rest Mode issues, disc drives that won’t eject, and controller sticks that drift.
Playstation offers a one-year warranty for defects, but after that, PS5 owners generally pay $299 for off-warranty service. In addition, the initial contract may not cover accidents, like power shorts or spills, and wear, like stuck buttons.
Meanwhile, an Upsie extended warranty for gaming consoles covers accidents, defects after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, and wear. Upsie claims representatives will help customers find local or mail-in services from qualified repair companies, and Upsie only charges a $25 deductible.

How to Find a PS5 at the List Price

Sadly, consumers probably won’t find bargains on a PS5 gaming console for a while. However, a couple of suggestions to find a PS5 at its listed price include:
  • Regularly check the stock of major online retailers, like Walmart and Amazon. Get ready to hit the buy button when they’re in stock because they may go quickly.
  • Ask the clerks at local gaming stores when they expect shipments. Sometimes, friendly salespeople will gladly tell customers when to expect the next truck to arrive.

How to Buy the Best PlayStation Extended Warranty

Many gamers have struggled to buy a PS5. They’ve often even paid more than the manufacturer’s suggested price for the gaming console. Luckily, Upsie makes it easy to purchase an extended warranty. Upsie’s warranty process is fast, transparent, and intuitive. The process only takes three steps:
  • Visit the Upsie PS5 extended warranty page within 60 days of purchase.
  • Answer a few questions about the console, and view the transparent prices and plan details.
  • Choose a two-year or three-year protection plan, payment option, and upload a digital copy of the PS5 receipt.
After that, relax and enjoy gaming on a PS5. If anything goes wrong, contact Upsie for help. Besides the coveted PS5, Upsie also covers Xbox, Switch, and other popular gaming consoles, PCs, and accessories. This affordable protection offers customers the confidence to invest in a high-quality gaming machine without worrying about unexpected repair hassles or bills.

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