How to Play Xbox Video Games on a Tablet Computer

Xbox gave players the option to stream games from a console years ago. However, this solution only worked within the local network the Xbox used. That limitation meant players had the option to play video games on a tablet or phone at home. Another option was to bring the console to a new location and connect your mobile device to the new network.
Luckily, Xbox has created new options that allow for more mobility. Here’s everything you need to know about connecting a tablet to your Xbox account.

Can Players Enjoy Xbox Games on a Tablet or Other Mobile Device?

Microsoft provides their customers with two ways to stream games remotely:
  • Remote access to the Xbox console: Players can use an app to connect to their consoles remotely with Android and iOS devices. Remotely accessing the Xbox takes some setup work but doesn’t cost extra.
  • Streaming from Microsoft’s cloud platform: This option only works with Android tablets or smartphones. Streaming from the cloud also requires a paid subscription, but it’s simple and offers extra games from the service’s library.

How to Remotely Access the Xbox Console to Play From a Tablet

This section offers a brief overview of the relatively simple processes available for playing Xbox games from a tablet computer.

Remotely Access the Xbox Console

Having the option to remotely access your Xbox console opens up a wide range of portable gaming possibilities. To access the console directly:
  • Enable remote features from the console settings.
  • Pair a controller with a mobile device.
  • Use the Xbox mobile app to find the registered console and choose the Remote Play option.

Stream From Microsoft Cloud

Streaming from Microsoft Cloud requires a $15-month Game Pass Ultimate subscription. The option to connect remotely to a console doesn’t require any additional paid subscriptions. Still, the subscription means that users don’t need to prepare their console or a controller in advance. Game Pass Ultimate also offers streaming access to any games they own, along with 100 additional games from the library.

What’s the Best Way to Play Xbox Games From a Tablet?

The best option for playing Xbox games on a tablet depends on the mobile device, budget, and individual preferences. First, check the Xbox website for a list of supported countries and regions for various apps and devices. Everything should work well in the United States, but it’s a good idea to check before traveling outside the country.
Right now, the Game Pass app only works with Android devices, but connecting remotely to an Xbox works with either iOS or Android tablets. Primarily, using the app offers a more straightforward solution, plus it comes with dozens of other games that don’t need to be purchased or installed. On the other hand, the remote connection doesn’t require an additional fee.

The Best Xbox Warranty Protection

Having the option to take Xbox games along for a trip makes this console much more fun and flexible. Besides playing games, the Xbox can also connect to a TV or monitor to stream music, play movies, and much more.
At the same time, these high-tech consoles can suffer from defects, wear, or accidents. In addition, Xbox repairs are often expensive and can cost over $100 for a single repair. Luckily, Xbox owners can protect their console with an Upsie extended video gaming console warranty.
Upsie offers two-year and three-year warranties for Xbox consoles. These warranties cost up to 70 percent less than warranties sold by retailers or manufacturers. Additionally, Upsie protects your console from accidental damage, power failure, hard drive damage, and more.
An Xbox extended warranty from Upsie will ensure long-lasting performance and years of high-quality entertainment at home or on the go. These affordable warranties offer live claims service 24-7, flexible service options, and robust coverage against all types of gaming console issues. Upsie also covers gaming accessories, tablets, and various electronics.

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