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Few game consoles evoke the same level of nostalgia as old Nintendo systems like the N64 and its iconic three-pronged controller. The N64’s immediately recognizable controller was vaguely reminiscent of that from the SNES. It also borrowed from the original Sony PlayStation’s offering, creating something essentially unique in the process.
Both the console and its controller were a huge hit, with the latter, in particular, ultimately shaping what came with the GameCube that was to follow. However, Nintendo has taken things in an entirely different direction with its standard controllers since then. It’s something that’s demonstrated perfectly by the pioneering Nintendo Wii Remote and Nunchuck from 15 years ago.
Optional purchases like the Wii U Pro Controller and the later Nintendo Switch Pro Controller have, to a degree, subsequently served as spiritual successors to the original N64 controller. Yet, despite being extremely capable, they’ve all lacked some of the charms of their predecessor. At least until now, that is. That’s because the original N64 controller is back!

The Return of the N64 Controller

Yes, that’s right. Some 25 years later, the original N64 controller is back. So, what exactly is it? Quite self-explanatory, it’s a full-size, old-school N64 controller but made for the Nintendo Switch.
The perfect way to explore any one of the countless 3D worlds that first debuted on the Nintendo 64 system, it’s just like the original. Only this time, it’s wireless, rechargeable, and includes built-in rumble functionality for compatible games with no bulky Rumble Pak required!

Nintendo Releases N64 Controller for Switch

Nintendo announced the arrival of its brand-new wireless N64 controllers for Switch consoles at its September 2021 Direct event. The news coincided with the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack launch. Among other perks, the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack sees many much-loved N64 games return to the Switch for the first time. And what better way to enjoy them than with a classic N64 controller?
The immediate buzz surrounding the news was overwhelmingly positive. Then,  toward the end of September, Nintendo began taking pre-orders for the $50 controllers. Even with customers told not to expect their deliveries until at least five or six weeks later, the N64 controller for Switch sold out almost instantly. Of course, many ended up in resellers’ hands, ultimately reappearing for sale for up to $150 or more.
More stock arrived in November, but this, too, almost immediately sold out. Nintendo then advised that it wouldn’t be until some time in 2022 that it would make the controllers available for a third time. With that, they’d also be available exclusively to paid-up members of Nintendo Switch Online, excluding anyone on a free trial, and limited to four units per account.

N64 Controller for Switch Stock and Availability

Fast-forward to today and stock of the all-new N64 controller for Nintendo’s best-selling Switch is once again incoming… or so we’re led to believe. For now, the controller remains out of stock on the official Nintendo online store. More inventory is promised, though, so it’s just a matter of being patient for now. Whether that stock is just around the corner or unlikely to arrive until later in 2022 remains to be seen.
The ongoing global chip shortage is probably holding up the production of more N64 Switch controllers. Assuming that’s the case, Nintendo is almost certainly prioritizing consoles, like the revised OLED Switch model, over controllers, as not to cause unnecessary stock issues on that front.
However, there’s some good news for anyone desperate to get their hands on an N64 controller for Switch. By signing into the official Nintendo online store and choosing ‘Add to Wishlist’ on the N64 Switch controller’s product page, prospective buyers will receive a notification as soon as they come back in stock.
In the meantime, don’t be tempted to pay huge markups for a controller sold by a reseller. For anyone desperate to get their hands on something similar, there’s always the option of various aftermarket solutions. That said, some have struggled to get third-party controllers to work with Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. So it may still be best to wait for an official restock.

Nintendo Switch and Controller Extended Warranty

If you managed to get your hands on a N64 Switch controller, or if you settled for a different one, make sure you grab an extended video gaming accessory warranty from Upsie. They’re designed to safeguard against manufacturing defects, mechanical faults, and other failures. In addition, accidental damage protection is also included for drops, cracks, liquid spills, and other mishaps.
Policies are available for both new and used Nintendo Switch consoles and controllers. That includes Nintendo’s N64 Switch controller. To find out more or to lock in the peace of mind of an affordable, comprehensive, and easy-to-understand Nintendo Switch warranty with Upsie, head to You can also download the Upsie smartphone app to learn more.

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