5 Must-Have Gaming Accessories For Everyone

Gaming is an awesome hobby, a great way to explore new worlds and compete with people around the world. But could your gaming setup use some TLC? Check out these 5 must-have gaming accessories for 2021. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your next upgrade!

Gaming Headset

Today’s serious games rely on immersive audio, and most multiplayer games require or benefit from the ability to talk to your teammates (or even opponents). Of course, any old pair of earbuds with an inline microphone is enough to get started, but you can seriously level up your audio performance with a quality gaming headset.
You’ll be amazed at the difference a good headset can make. You’ll hear sounds you’ve never noticed before, and you’ll even hear them spatially. All good headsets support stereo audio, and many higher-end sets can simulate 5.1 or even 7.1 surround sound. Knowing which direction to spin based on a left-side audio cue can be the difference between victory and defeat.
Don’t forget to evaluate the microphone component before buying a new gaming headset, as well. You want one that produces clear audio without a lot of background noise. Many gaming models come with toggles on the headset for muting or enabling your mic, too.

Gaming Monitor

Your screen makes just as much of a difference in your gaming experience as the console or PC hardware you’re using. A clunky old monitor isn’t any fun, but worse, it’s slow, and you can’t see as much or as clearly.
Gaming monitors offer incredibly low response times (as low as one millisecond) so that you can see and react faster than you otherwise could. Of course, you don’t need this kind of response time for watching YouTube or displaying PowerPoints, but it can make a big difference while gaming.

Backlit Gaming Keyboard

If you’ve only ever used the stock keyboard on your laptop (or even a cheap USB keyboard with your desktop, you’ll be amazed how much of a difference a true gaming keyboard can produce. Believe it or not, there’s a ton of variety in terms of how keyboards respond. Required pressure, key travel, bounce-back, key size, and even key spacing all affect how a keyboard feels under your fingers.
There’s also the question of reliability and responsiveness. Gamers need keyboards that never miss a keystroke, and that can keep up with repeated inputs on the same key.
When you buy a gaming keyboard, invest in one with RGB backlights so you can see what’s happening even in the dark. A keyboard with a wrist rest and fast response time is a good investment as well.
And if you want to go even deeper down the keyboard rabbit hole, check out mechanical gaming keyboards. These can get expensive (like the Razer Huntsman v2 Analog), but the experience is unparalleled.

Gamer Glasses

Many gamers swear by their gaming glasses, yellow-tinted lenses that may reduce eyestrain and improve focus during long gaming sessions. The theory behind these gamer glasses is that filtering out a percentage of blue light emitted from screens will offer some protection or reduce eye strain, which is thought to result primarily from excessive blue light.
The best gamer glasses offer accessories that make them headset-compatible as well, and some brands are innovating with designs that create less fatigue.
Gunnar Optics is one of the foremost names in gaming glasses, with multiple styles available ranging from $49.99 to around $120 for non-prescription lenses. (Prescription frames are also available at higher prices.)

A Good Chair

Games are growing ever more complex, and great gaming sessions can sometimes stretch on for hours. It’s important to be comfortable during that time: hunching over your laptop or slouching on the couch just aren’t going to cut it.
To fill this need, a new breed of chair was born in the mid-2000s: the gaming chair. Gaming chairs combine the best features of office chairs with design elements lifted straight from race cars, believe it or not. These chairs are more adjustable than others on the market, which is perfect for gamers who must sit in front of a stationary computer for hours at a time.
While gaming chairs can be a great investment, they do tend to be pretty expensive. If the top options are out of reach, consider a mid-range office chair instead (ideally, one with a headrest). These can be found for less money and are still a big upgrade from sitting on the floor.

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