Who Has the Best TV Protection Plan?

Retailers always pitch you a TV extended warranty when you purchase a new TV. Did you know that these warranties are not the only, or the best, protection plans available?
Many people don’t know that there are more affordable protection options out there that offer the same coverage and even better service. We’ve outlined everything you need to know about the best TV protection plan option out there: Upsie.
“5 Stars. I highly recommend this company!” – Omar L

What is Covered Under a longer Protection Plan?

Every TV comes with a manufacturer warranty and they will offer to sell you an extended warranty that simply lengthens the protection that the manufacturer warranty already offers. A protection plan does this too, but from a third party and for less money! The coverage might vary slightly based on the TV brand, so it’s important to review what your brand of TV covers originally from the manufacturer.

How Much Does a Protection Cost?

The cost of a protection plan varies based on what company you get it from. Check out this price comparison between a few different providers for a TV priced around $1499.


Upsie Best Buy Allstate
Term 2-Year 2-Year 2-Year
Price $3.99/mo $174.99 $104.99


Many protection plan companies, like those shown above; have plans that overlap with the manufacturer warranty. This means that the first year of coverage is essentially worthless. Upsie’s TV plan also overlaps, but they will cover defects like screen burn-in and power surges that the manufacturer almost never does. Upsie's plan also cover accidental damage for life's 'oopsie' moments! As an added bonus, Upsie has a nation-wide service network of authorized repair providers so you can get your tv repaired quickly.

What is Usually Covered Under a Manufacturer Warranty?

Coverage may vary slightly based on the manufacturer. Typically, product issues caused by manufacturer defects in material or workmanship are covered. This might include: mechanical failure, power failure, screen failure, speaker/sound failure, button failure and wifi failure. Because the manufacturer warranty covers these, the extended manufacturer warranty or a third-party protection plan will cover them, as well.

Which TV Brand Has the Best Manufacturer's Warranty?

TV manufacturers tend to offer very similar warranty coverage. Instead of choosing a TV based on the warranty, it is better to select a TV based on other factors, such as picture quality, sound and price. Use the manufacturer warranty terms as a tiebreaker between your favorite models.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a TV?

TV repair costs vary widely based on the defect. According to HomeGuide, the average cost to repair a TV is $207, but can be as high as $350. Replacing the front panel of a TV can also cost as much as the entire TV - or more! Repair technicians also charge a service fee to come to your house and an hourly fee to do the work. With Upsie, there is never a service fee. There is no deductible for TV protection plans, either. The only money you will ever spend is the money to purchase the warranty; just $3.99/mo and it's free to cancel at any time.

How Long Should a Television Last?

According to CNET, an LCD TV should last 4-7 years. Now, that doesn’t mean that it will just die, it means that the picture quality and brightness will be reduced. If you’re planning on keeping a TV through its lifespan, purchasing a TV protection plan is definitely a smart choice for you.

Which Protection Plan is Best for Televisions?

If you haven’t already come to this realization, Upsie has the best protection plan for TV’s. Upsie’s plans cost less for similar coverage AND include screen burn-in & accidental damage. If you bought your TV in the last 30 days, we'll ask you to upload a copy of your receipt so your protection begins immediately. Or if you bought your TV in the last 4 YEARS, no receipt is needed and you only have to wait 90 days to make a claim. Upsie also offers great claims experience with the ability to start your claim online 24/7/365.

Can I Buy a Protection Plan for My TV Purchased at Another Store?

Yes, you can buy an Upsie protection plan for any new or used TV bought in-store or online in the last 4 years. All TV’s must come with a valid manufacturer warranty or 30-day seller's guarantee before an TV protection plan can be purchased. Generally, all new TV’s come with a manufacturer warranty so this is never an issue for any mainstream brand sold at stores in the United States.

Can I Buy an Protection Plan Later?

An Upsie TV protection plan can be purchased up to 4 years after the TV purchase date. We do recommend purchasing the protection sooner rather than later, though, as after the first 30 days, you must wait 90 days to make a claim. Simply go to the TV warranty purchase page and select the TV brand. Upsie offers a simple, monthly plan for $3.99/mo so you can always fit it into your budget. Coverage will run for 4 years after purchasing the plan or until you cancel your protection.

How Much is a Protection Plan for a $1799.99 TV?

If you buy a $1799.99 TV, the Upsie warranty price will be: $3.99/mo
Other warranty companies have higher prices and make you pay it all upfront, when you already just bought an expensive TV. Here are the prices for two leading competitors:
  • Allstate: 2-Year for $119.99
  • Best Buy 2-Year: $219.99

What is the Claims Process if My TV Needs to be Repaired?

The claims process with Upsie is quick and easy. You will log into your Upsie account and locate the plan you want to make a claim on. Either call the customer service number for immediate assistance during business hours or fill out the online claims form to begin the process 24/7/365. Either way, your claim is in good hands and underway. If the resolution is repair, we will locate a repair shop from our nation-wide network of authorized repair personnel and schedule an appointment. For larger TV's, we'll even send a repair technician to your home. There’s no catch; it’s really that easy.

What if My TV Can’t be Repaired?

An Upsie TV warranty will replace the TV if it is not able to be repaired or isn't economically viable to repair - as determined by the claims representative.
Whether you choose to use Upsie or not, a protection plan will save you money when your TV breaks. An Upsie TV protection plan will save you time on a repair, as well. If you’re unsure if you want to make the leap into protection coverage, you have 4 years after your TV purchase date to decide.

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