Six Top-Rated 4K TVs for Every Budget in 2021

Back in 2012, even an entry-level 50-inch 4K TV would’ve set you back around $2,500. At just ten inches larger, meanwhile, 60-inch versions were commanding over $8,000. By 2014, these prices had fallen to closer to $1,000 and $3,000, respectively.
Within three years, prices had leveled out at roughly $500-$1,000 on average for many of the best-selling 4K TVs. Another four years on, and 4K TV tech is at its peak. Better still, 4K TVs of all sizes are now available to suit budgets across the board.
From under $300 to closer to $3,000, here’s a comprehensive look at six of the best 4K TVs for every budget in 2021.

Best 4K TV in 2021 Under $300

TCL 4-Series 43-Inch 4K TV

Priced at just $280, TCL’s 4-Series 43-inch 4K TV is one of the most competitively priced units on the market. At this price, the 43-inch TCL 4-Series is admittedly slightly smaller than many of today’s most popular TVs.
However, what it lacks slightly in size, it makes up for in other areas. First and foremost, there’s no doubting the value for money on offer in terms of 4K viewing pleasure.
Furthermore, the 43-inch TCL 4-Series also packs in a wealth of features. These features include dual-band Wi-Fi, a built-in Roku interface, and support for voice assistants from Amazon, Apple, and Google alike.

Best 4K TV in 2021 Under $500

Vizio M-Series 55-Inch 4K TV

By far, the most popular size for TVs today is 55 inches. Beyond the likes of TCL’s 43-inch 4-Series offering, around $200 more gets buyers to this all-important benchmark.
With that, Vizio’s 55-inch M-Series 4K TV costs just $479. Representing outstanding value, there’s plenty to shout about in terms of features and functionality, too.
From its highly accurate, color-rich QLED panel to an impressive four HDMI 2.0 ports, Vizio’s sub-$500 4K choice offers a perfect blend of optimum TV size and value for money.

Best 4K TV in 2021 Under $1,000

TCL 6-Series 55-Inch 4K TV

Not to be outdone by its rivals, TCL has stepped up to the plate to offer a larger alternative to its 43-inch 4-Series 4K TV. Despite adding an extra 12 inches, the company has remained squarely focused on value.
With a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $900, the 55-inch TCL 6-Series brings plenty to the table. Further to all of the features of its smaller sibling, TCL’s 55-inch option also boasts a total of four HDMI ports, mini-LED backlight technology, and more.

Best 4K TV in 2021 Under $1,500

LG BX 55-Inch 4K OLED TV

Those looking to splash out a little extra on a top-rated 4K TV in 2021 can look forward to one major benefit: OLED technology. Deemed to offer the highest image quality currently available among mainstream TVs, OLED tech is a stand-out addition to LG’s 55-inch BX model.
Costing $1,500, it’s at the very top of this portion of the budget landscape. Yet, packing HDMI 2.1 support, it’s also ideally positioned to suit PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X owners.
Moreover, anyone willing to shop around may be able to save $200 or more at selected retailers. Amazon has recently offered the 55-inch LG BX 4K OLED TV for sale at as little as $1,297.
Those looking to protect their new 4K TV from screen burn-in, dead pixels, and other defects could use such savings to lock in extended warranty coverage.
Upsie, for example, offers all of this and more at a price that’s both affordable and highly competitive. Five-year extended warranty coverage on TVs priced at up to $1,499.99 costs just $161.99. That’s less than $2.70 per month, including in-home repairs, no service charges, and no deductibles.

Best 4K TV in 2021 Under $2,000

Sony A8H 55-Inch 4K OLED TV

Anyone looking to stretch their budget a little further would be hard-pressed to beat Sony’s 55-inch A8H 4K OLED offering.
Costing $1,900, it’s not an inexpensive proposition. However, with OLED technology on offer once again, buyers are afforded one of today’s top TV viewing experiences. The 55-inch A8H from Sony also runs Google’s Android TV software.
Promising an easier way to enjoy all of the entertainment that you love, it’s an addition not to be overlooked. Android TV packs in the ability to stream from countless apps, cast from any device, play music and games, and more.

Best 4K TV in 2021 Under $3,000

LG CX 65-Inch 4K OLED TV

If you’re lucky enough to be even less constrained by budget, LG’s 65-inch CX 4K OLED TV offers an outstanding proposition in the $3,000 price range.
The largest TV up for consideration in this look at 2021’s best 4K TVs by quite some margin, there’s plenty to take in. This includes support for AMD’s FreeSync and NVIDIA’s G-Sync adaptive sync technologies. An ultra-low 1ms response time also sets the 65-inch LG CX apart from other less-responsive units.
LG’s 65-inch CX 4K OLED TV costs $2,800. Much like the BX 55-inch 4K OLED TV from LG, there’s HDMI 2.1 connectivity, perfect for Xbox Series X and PS5 owners, plus added support for 120Hz gaming, which also includes a variable refresh rate.

Protect Your New 4K TV With Upsie

Whichever 4K TV you choose, remember not to overlook the benefits of an extended TV warranty.
With Upsie, customers can skip the stress and immediate cost of buying a warranty with their new TV. Instead, they can secure affordable extended warranty protection up to 11 months after purchase. Activate the Upsie coverage simply by uploading a copy of the TV receipt.
Prices start from as low as $1.16 per month based on five-year coverage for a TCL 4-Series 4K TV. That’s up to 70% less than the cost of comparable extended warranty coverage from manufacturers and big-box retailers. Upsie makes all of this and more possible by cutting out the middleman.
If your TV becomes faulty, Upsie will book you in with a certified local repair shop. Alternatively, they’ll send an expert technician straight to your home for on-site repairs. Parts and labor are covered in full, and all TV and home theater warranties from Upsie are free of any service charges or deductibles.
With its claims centers open 24/7/365, Upsie will work to promptly repair your TV or cut you a check for the price of a replacement if the cost to fix it isn’t feasible. Don’t overpay for reliable extended warranties. Choose Upsie instead and save up to 70%.

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