Stop the Tangles: Cord Organization for TVs and Desks

One might assume that the emergence of wireless electronics would have reduced the problem of tangled, messy cords and cables. However, as companies introduced more wireless devices, the number of electronic devices in average households surged. Thus, most people still have tangles of unsightly power cords or device cables.
For instance, cords to devices or chargers still need cords for wall outlets, plus many components of gaming, workstation, or home theater systems need cable connections. Anyone who still feels plagued by tangled, unsightly cords and cables can use some cord-organizing solutions.

Solutions to Address a Cord-and-Cable Mess

Managing cords to keep them untangled and not underfoot will help prevent damage to the cables and the electronic devices that use them. Organizing cables will also help avoid a tripping hazard that could cause injuries to people in the household.
Different locations and types of electronics call for various solutions. Consider these top choices for a variety of areas in homes and businesses.

Desktop and Entertainment Center Cord and Cable Organization

Cable sleeves are a great way to conceal and organize messy cords. They are long tubes of flexible foam that you can wrap around cords and add or extract cords when needed. People who plan to switch out cables periodically and can’t or don’t care to attach anything to walls and furniture should appreciate this solution.
Also, consider a baseboard channel to remedy the tripping hazard of cables that need to run along the floor. These self-adhesive plastic channels attach to baseboards to keep cords safely out of sight. Manufacturers make these paintable so that they can match the baseboards.
Two more options are Cable Station from UT Wire or CableDrop Minis from BlueLounge. They both adhere to desks, entertainment centers, or other furniture and provide channels to slide cords through to keep them in place.
These two products differ because the Cable Station has slots for multiple cords, but the CableDrop Mini only offers room for one. Command Center adhesive cord hooks provide a similar solution, and they can support the cables perpendicular to horizontal furniture.

Cord Organization For Wall-Mounted TVs

Mounting TVs on the walls looks stylish, plus it saves space. Unfortunately, a tangle of power cords will ruin the minimalist, modern appearance that mounting the TV should achieve. Cord covers typically include a back that screws into the wall and a cover that can snap on and off to add, remove, or rearrange cables.
For even better camouflage, paint the top of the cord cover to match the wall. Some products might also stick to the wall with a removable adhesive for people who rent or don’t want to screw things into the wall for other reasons.

DIY Cord Organization for the Electronics Drawer

These days, many people set aside drawers in their nightstands or kitchen cabinets for small electronics, like smartphones, tablet computers, and smartwatches. A small drill can run a hole through the back of the furniture and the drawer to power a charging station kept inside.
A Gear Tie from Nite Ize can also keep the stash of power cords and earbud cables in the drawer from tangling up. Each piece has its tie, and some people color code them to make it easy to tell them apart.

Better Protection for All Electronics

Even the most prudent and thoughtful device owners experience problems with their electronics from time to time. To protect your devices from damage, pair them with an Upsie warranty.
Upsie offers affordable, robust protection plans for electronics, including computers, TVs, smartphones, and more. For instance, Upsie offers at-home repairs for TVs and large appliances and a choice between mail-in or local repair shops for laptops and smartphones. In addition, Upsie makes plans easy to understand by listing plan options, prices, and coverage details in plain language on their website for each product.
Best of all, Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70 percent less than warranties sold elsewhere. Plus, Upsie’s 24-7 customer claims reps will help customers find the most convenient repair solutions.

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