Leaks and Rumors for the Sonos Ray Soundbar

Music lovers rejoice; the internet is flooded with rumors that Sonos is about to release a very affordable, versatile new soundbar called the Sonos Ray.

What’s all the Fuss About the Sonos Ray Soundbar?

Fans are excited to learn more about the rumored Sonos Ray soundbar coming out soon. The Sonos Ray soundbar is expected to be less expensive than the Beam and Arc models. Rumors say that you could see a price tag of only $250 for this powerhouse speaker.
Experts in the know say the Sonos Ray soundbar will be released within a few weeks. They also say it will be the most versatile home theater speaker available. Sources say that the new soundbar will have Sonos’ patented Trueplay calibration feature, which adjusts the sound quality to fit the room. The device should also have both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections to give it internet access.
Some of the leaked details say that the Sonos Ray will include a built-in voice assistant and an optical connection to hook to your TV. Images of the soundbar were prematurely leaked and displayed a sleek, elegant-looking black soundbar with curved sides and an array of control buttons. However, it lacks an HDMI port. There is no confirmed release date yet, but the leaked model number was RAYG1US1BLK.
Although there are no official specs yet, further rumors claim that the soundbar will be slightly smaller than the Beam and Arc models. More exciting news exclaims that if you already own a Beam or Arc, you can use additional Ray speakers as rear additions to round out your home theater experience. There is even talk that you can mount the bar high on the wall to boost the sound even further. Regardless of where things land, you should be able to pair the new soundbar with your other Sonos speakers. This creates a more immersive audio experience for your home theater.

What is Sonos?

Sonos is one of the most popular home audio equipment manufacturers and retailers, and audiophiles swear by Sonos’ quality products. Sonos sells various lines of smart speakers and soundbars to suit every need and budget. In addition, the company integrates 50+ streaming services into its devices, operates in 60+ countries, and has more than 500 patents for innovative sound quality equipment.
Expectations for the new Sonos Ray are high, with fans looking forward to crystal clear voice and rich-sounding music and sound effects.

Sonos Ray Soundbar Warranty Considerations

It’s fun and exciting to outfit your home with smart accessories and fancy audio equipment. But, doing so is an investment. To protect that investment properly, you need to make sure you have a warranty that covers you if anything goes wrong.
Most manufacturers’ warranties have limited coverage, meaning they only cover defects in workmanship for a short time (usually one year). Then you are on your own if the item breaks or needs replacement.
Although we don’t yet have information on the Sonos soundbar warranty, it will probably be similar to other limited warranties. As a result, your soundbar might lack the protection it needs. For better coverage, pair your speaker with an Upsie soundbar warranty.
With Upsie, you can submit unlimited claims up to the soundbar’s purchase price. Additionally, you can reach a claims specialist at any time of day or night. You will have peace of mind knowing your audio equipment has coverage for mechanical and electrical failure, power issues, speaker problems, Wi-Fi, and even button failure.
The best part is that your Upsie warranty costs up to 70% less than manufacturers and third-party companies. In addition, it’s transferable if you sell or give away your equipment later.
Rest assured, your speakers and soundbars are in good hands with Upsie!

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