How to Set Up A Chromecast to Add Smart Functions to a TV

Smart TVs are still fairly new. For instance, the Samsung site says they produced their first smart TV in 2008. Still, TVs that allowed access to a variety of streaming content and apps only became popular several years later. Today, most TVs on the market have at least some smart features, but many may lack essential features. Using a Chromecast can equip non-smart TVs with essential smart features.

Why Buy a Chromecast for a TV Set?

Anyone who feels satisfied with most aspects of their older TV set can add smart functionality with a device like a Chromecast. Installing these devices should only take a few minutes and can open up a lot more entertainment options. A Chromecast can also keep these older sets from getting discarded as waste when they still work perfectly fine.

How to Set Up a Chromecast

As Tom’s Guide mentioned, most people should find installing a Chromecast pretty straightforward. This overview should give TV owners a good idea of the process. That way, consumers can decide if buying and installing a Chromecast on their TV will offer a better solution than doing without smart features or investing in a new TV.

1. Plug the Chromecast into the TV

The device fits into an HDMI slot. You can also use the USB port. Otherwise, use an adapter to plug the cord into a regular outlet. With a Chromecast Ultra with 4K compatibility, just plan on using the adapter and wall outlet because USB ports won’t supply sufficient power.

2. Download Google’s Home App

Google offers Android and iOS versions of this app, so visit the store for the phone’s operating system. After downloading Google Home, add a new device and then follow the prompts.
For in-depth help, the app offers a tutorial. People who have never used a smart TV or smart TV device might benefit from the suggestions in the tutorial.

Is it Time to Buy a New Smart TV?

Devices like a Google Chromecast can provide many functions and content that turns older TVs into fully-functioning smart TVs. On the other hand, today’s TVs have better resolution, faster refresh rates, and more processing power than old-style TVs. Certainly, a Chromecast will cost less than a new TV, but some decent new TVs come with surprisingly affordable price tags.
In the spirit of maximizing value and reducing waste, some families buy a Chromecast but retire the older set to a den or bedroom. Then they purchase a new smart TV for the main living or family room.

Why Purchase a TV Extended Warranty?

When purchasing a new TV, it’s essential to pair it with a good extended warranty. Extended warranties save the customer money and prolong the life of the TV.
Upsie offers two-year, three-year, and five-year TV extended warranties that cost up to 70 percent less than warranties from competitors. Not only will TV warranties protect buyers against unexpected repair bills, but they will also ensure prompt, in-home or local repair company service from a certified technician.
Today’s TVs offer a lot more features than old-style sets. But, at the same time, these advanced devices have grown more complex and have many components that may need repairs. Purchasing an Upsie warranty will keep your TV in the best shape possible, ensuring that your new smart TV provides consistent, high-quality entertainment.

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