How to Buy the Best Big Screen TV Over 60 Inches

Deciding first on screen size provides a good way to start shopping for the best TV. High-quality TVs over 60 inches can provide an immersive experience for sports, movies, and a variety of apps. As another incentive to look at larger sets, TechRadar mentioned that manufacturers often start their premium lines at 65 inches. Consumers may find it impossible to find some features and specs in smaller models. With that in mind, check out some suggestions to help find good choices for TV sets over 60 inches.

How to Compare 60-Plus Inch TVs

Various manufacturers and models all have their own features and specifications. However, consider these universal tips for large-screen TV shopping:
  • Look for at least 4K resolution on big TV sets. This will ensure the image looks good from almost any distance or angle.
  • OLED screens cost the most and offer the best contrast and colors; however, QLED provides a more budget-friendly compromise.
  • Plan to buy a soundbar for better sound quality. Typically, the best speakers won’t fit in thin TV sets.
  • Expect to pay over $500 and possibly quite a bit more. Bargain hunters may find good deals for about $500, but large-screen TVs with the highest ratings generally cost from $1,000 to $3,000.
  • Ideally, the TV should have the newest HDMI 2.1 format and at least four HDMI ports.
  • Find TV sets with a refresh rate from at least 60 to 120 Hz. Higher refresh rates will appear smoother for a variety of different types of shows or applications.
  • An HDR-compatible TV set will provide better contrast and the most realistic colors.

Good TV Sets Over 60 Inches

The best, big-screen TV for any individual or family may also depend upon budgets and preferences. Take a look at some suggestions that can help inform shopping for a 60-plus inch TV set.

Budget-Friendly Big Screen TVs

Tom’s Guide had some suggestions for people who want a big screen but have to stick to a budget. For example, some retailers have discounted a couple of popular models recently:
  • Samsung TU7000: Find this 70-inch 4K-quality TV on sale for less than $700. This model’s good performance makes it a satisfactory choice for gamers too.
  • Vizio OLED 4K TV: Nobody would describe a $1,799 TV as cheap. Still, sale prices on the Vizio OLED can make it a good deal for such a high-quality experience.

Premium Big Screen TVs to Consider

The LG G1 Gallery OLED offers 4K OLED resolution with a 65-inch screen for just under $3,000. Not only does it deliver impressive contrast, this premium set’s thin design almost makes it look more like a framed picture on the wall than a TV.
To shave about $500 from the price, compare the LG C1 to the LG G1. The C1 lacks the G1’s evo OLED panels but still produces rich, vibrant, bright images.

Why Big TVs Need Extended Warranties

Purchasing a big screen TV typically represents a fairly large investment. Even the most expensive sets can offer a good value if they function well for several years. Still, all the sophisticated hardware, software, and connections that go into modern TV sets can make them vulnerable to problems.
An Upsie big screen TV extended warranty can pay for itself compared to the cost of just one repair. Even more, Upsie ensures a competent technician arrives at the owner’s home to fix any problems quickly. Upsie customers also enjoy 24-7 claims service from live phone representatives. These TV protection plans cover screen, mechanical, computer, connectivity, and power problems, plus much more. Upsie delivers all of this at a lower price than their name-brand warranty competitors too.
These days, most consumers spend some time researching TV sets before they decide which one to buy. On the other hand, it’s easy to choose an Upsie extended warranty for the best price, customer service, and coverage.

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