How to Buy the Best Soundbar for a New TV Set

The best new TV sets pack amazing visual quality inside of lightweight and thin cases. According to Forbes, just because manufacturers make these new TVs so thin and light, even high-quality sets may have sacrificed sound quality. Luckily, TV soundbars can provide a simple solution to satisfy even the pickiest audiophiles. Find out more about the popularity of soundbars and how to find the right one. Then learn about the best way to protect it for years in the future.

Why Choose a Soundbar Over Other Speakers and Sound Systems?

Manufacturers have kept the price of many soundbars affordable. Some decent choices retail for less than $100, but the most expensive ones can cost as much or more than a TV. Even better, almost anybody can install one in a jiff, and they don’t take up much room. Typically, the slim bar can sit below or in front of a TV, which explains the popularity of soundbars over other kinds of speakers.
For much less than typical home theater or surround sound speakers, a soundbar can deliver a very similar experience. They will enhance the audio experience for a variety of different types of entertainment, from watching TV shows to listening to music.

The Best TV Soundbars for Various Budgets

Obviously, the right choice of soundbars will depend upon budget, space, and preferences. For instance, many soundbars come with a separate speaker and subwoofer, but others pack everything into just one case. Prices may range from less than $100 to more than $2,000. These short, wide, vertical speakers all have the same general shape; however, they can also vary considerably in size.
Just as finding the right TV takes some comparison shopping, so does searching for the best soundbar. To accommodate a wide range of budgets and requirements, look at some great options in different price ranges:
  • Great value for the price: According to CNET, the two-piece Vizio V21 delivers excellent sound, a simple setup, and HDMI connectivity for about $180.
  • Less than $100: For about $82, the Creative Stage delivers sound quality just about as well as more expensive competition and connects with HDMI.
  • Less than $500: For about $450, the Vizio SB36512-F6 handles Dolby Atmos and can steam from Google Chromecast apps, like iHeartRadio and Pandora.
  • More than $1,000: If sound quality matters more than price, a one-piece Sennheiser speaker will rival a surround-sound system and fit in a much smaller space.

Do TV Soundbars Need Extra Protection?

To enjoy the best experience with a new TV, buyers will certainly want to consider including a soundbar with their purchase. And just as an Upsie extended warranty can help people save money on a new TV, it will also help protect the soundbar.
For less than warranties from major competitors, an Upsie soundbar extended warranty will offer convenient access to certified repair companies, 24-7 live customer service, and a choice of repair options. Even better, Upsie warranties will protect purchases against a variety of problems, including mechanical, electrical, or computer chip issues. If it doesn’t make sense to repair the product, Upsie will offer to replace it. There is never a deductible or hidden fees.
Upsie also lets new customers register soundbars up to 60 days after a purchase. Besides soundbars, Upsie protects TVs and other types of electronics and appliances. With Upsie, customers can keep all of their warranty protection in one convenient and affordable place. Take the time to research the best TV and speaker choices. Then make the simple choice to protect these important purchases with Upsie.

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