Why Upsie is the Best Insurance for Used Tablets

Tablets are wonderful devices that can be used for working, playing games, drawing and more. They are even better when purchased for a discounted price, like used and refurbished tablets are. However, with all used devices, there is a higher risk of something malfunctioning due to older age or previous use. A warranty will protect your new-to-you tablet and Upsie is the best insurance for used tablets.

Should I get insurance for my used tablet?

Purchasing insurance protection for a used tablet is certainly a smart idea. For one, you don’t know what that tablet has been through. It’s very possible that the previous owner dropped it, spilled on it or repeatedly used it until it died. Those occurrences can cause your tablet to more quickly malfunction later on. Warranty protection will cover you when those malfunctions happen. Upsie tablet insurance will also cover your accidents if you drop or spill on your tablet. All you will have to pay is a small deductible of $25.

What is the best used tablet insurance?

Used tablet insurance is not easy to come by. Luckily, Upsie offers warranties for new, used and refurbished laptops purchased within the last 60-days. Upsie tablet insurance includes extended manufacturer protection, as well as accident protection from drops and spills. It’s important to note that used tablets must come with at least a 30-day seller warranty in order to get an Upsie warranty.

How much is insurance for a tablet?

Insurance for used and new tablets is priced based on the purchase price of the tablet and whether it is used/refurbished or new. Here’s a breakdown of Upsie warranty prices as of 6/01/2022 for a two-year tablet warranty:


Tablet Price New Refurbished/Used Deductible
$100-$199.99 $33.99 $41.99 $25
$200-$299.99 $51.99 $62.99 $25
$300-$399.99 $65.99 $76.99 $25
$400-$499.99 $72.99 $94.99 $25
$500-$599.99 $90.99 $112.99 $25
$600-$799.99 $103.99 $133.99 $25
$800-$999.99 $127.99 $164.99 $25
$1,000-$1,499.99 $142.99 $193.99 $25


This is a breakdown of Upsie warranty prices as of 6/01/2022 for a three-year tablet warranty:


Tablet Price New Refurbished/Used Deductible
$100-$199.99 $57.99 $61.99 $25
$200-$299.99 $82.99 $93.99 $25
$300-$399.99 $102.99 $124.99 $25
$400-$499.99 $106.99 $147.99 $25
$500-$599.99 $136.99 $171.99 $25
$600-$799.99 $179.99 $206.99 $25
$800-$999.99 $213.99 $234.99 $25
$1,000-$1,499.99 $227.99 $295.99 $25


Is Upsie better and cheaper than AppleCare?

Upsie is almost always cheaper than AppleCare. When comparing plans, be sure to look at the deductible price as well as the plan price. For instance, Apple charges $69 for two-years of AppleCare for a used iPad priced at $339. Upsie charges $65.99 for two years of coverage. In addition, Upsie’s deductible is only $25, while Apple’s deductible is $49.
Upsie also does not limit the number of claims that you can make per plan; you can make an unlimited number of claims that add up to the purchase value of the tablet. Apple does limit the number of claims you can make to two claims. Lastly, you can get your Apple device repaired at an Apple Genius Bar when you have Upsie insurance.

Are tablet extended warranties worth it?

If you like having peace of mind, tablet extended warranties are worth it. Upsie warranties enable your tablet to be repaired quickly and efficiently. If your screen cracks, you can get it repaired same-day in most cases. Additionally, a tablet warranty will save you money when your tablet malfunctions and breaks. All you will pay when you make a claim is a $25 deductible.

What is covered under the protection plan for my used tablet?

Upsie protection plans for used tablets offer the most comprehensive coverage. Here is a list of incidents covered by Upsie:
  • Cracked screens and drops
  • Liquid damage and submersion
  • Battery failure
  • Touch screen failure
  • Power failure
  • Camera failure
  • Wifi failure
  • Headphone jack failure
  • Bluetooth failure

How do I make a claim if my tablet gets damaged?

If your tablet gets damaged, and it is protected by Upsie, making a claim is quick. In your Upsie account, there is a number listed to call and make a claim. If you’re not in a rush, fill out an online form instead and an Upsie representative will reach out to you. On the call, the Upsie service representative will walk you through your claim, collect your deductible, and schedule an appointment for repair.
Upsie is truly the best insurance for used tablets. It’s also the best insurance for used smartphones, laptops and more. Learn more about their plans on their website or give them a call between 9AM-4:00PM CST at 1-877-844-7745.

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Updated 3/22/2022

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