Protect Students with the Best Extended Warranty for Tablets

According to the research firm Technio, global tablet sales will grow by over 42 million units sold by 2026. For a few years, tablet sales declined as smartphones appeared to satisfy consumer demand for portable devices. Meanwhile, laptops continued to get smaller and lighter.

The Growing Popularity of Today’s Tablets With Students

Tablet manufacturers struck back by developing larger tablets that connect to keyboards and other peripherals to function like lightweight, versatile laptops. Many tablet computers can also accept input from a stylus for taking notes or drawing. These handy devices also offer many communication options of phones, like internet calls and online meetings. Some top tablet brands include Apple, HP, Samsung, and Microsoft.
Thus, today’s tablet computers offer a versatile, all-in-one, slim and lightweight device. Therefore, new tablet computers have regained traction for personal, business, and educational uses. In particular, tablet computers can benefit students because of their versatility and portability.

How Tablet Computers Benefit Students

Some students or their families buy them to supplement or replace features of phones and PCs. These days, many classrooms distribute tablet PCs to students because they can help speed up the learning process.
For instance, the engineering department of Virginia Tech said tablets offer several advantages compared to pens and paper. These benefits include taking notes, conducting active learning, completing paperless homework, researching, creative tasks, online classes, and composing.

How to Find the Best Warranty Protection for Tablets

Many of today’s tablets can connect to a keyboard cover. These covers can provide a keyboard and a stand to hold the screen upright. In addition, the best products also protect the tablet’s body, and some even have transparent material to cover the screen and help prevent scratches or dings.
Keep the tablet clean by dusting it with a dry microfiber cloth. If needed, slightly dampen a small spot of the fabric with a solution of water and a drop of mild dish soap. Some companies make special wipes for electronics, but other brands may have harsh chemicals that will harm the tablet.

Do Tablets Need Extended Warranty Protection?

Like other sophisticated electronic devices, tablets may stop performing well from time to time. Common problems seen on tablet computers include battery, screen, and connectivity issues. Most limited warranties provided by manufacturers only cover factory defects for a short time. Top manufacturers rarely distribute defective devices. Thus, the manufacturer’s warranty will probably exclude typical issues.
That means tablet owners might need to pay to replace or repair their tablets when something goes wrong. Many tablet owners delay minor repairs because of concerns over costs or hassles trying to find prompt, high-quality services.
Sadly, seemingly minor problems like small screen cracks or loose ports often worsen over time without repairs. The issue will grow even tougher to tackle. At the same time, rushing to replace a damaged tablet wastes money and resources. An extended warranty offers an affordable way to prevent unexpected repair costs and access a network of reputable service centers.

Why Upsie Offers the Best Extended Warranty for Tablets

Very often, retailers will offer customers a chance to purchase an extended warranty along with the tablet. These warranties provide an extra income stream for the seller, but they don’t necessarily give customers the best features for the price.
In contrast, Upsie keeps its rates low by selling directly to customers. Their coverage includes accidental damage protection from drops and spills. In addition, an Upsie extended warranty for tablet computers offers access to a nationwide network of certified technicians, optional mail-in service, and 24-7 claims representatives on the phone.

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