The Pros and Cons of Kindle Unlimited eBook Subscriptions

eBook subscriptions don’t have the popularity of other comparable subscription services, such as subscriptions for movies, music, and games. This might surprise some people because Amazon, the world’s largest retailer, runs Kindle Unlimited. Kindle Unlimited stands out as the largest online book subscription service, but it’s still not that large when compared to the largest streaming companies.
Still, the magazine’s editors believe the situation will change by the end of the decade, and eBook subscriptions will grow as common as Netflix or Spotify. Since eBook subscriptions never gained the popularity of other types of subscription services, many people wonder if they offer good value.

How Popular is Kindle Unlimited?

Amazon doesn’t release subscription figures, but Forbes believes about three million people joined Kindle Unlimited. That compares to approximately one million Scribd subscribers, Kindle Unlimited’s most significant competitor. In contrast, Netflix has over 150 million subscribers, and Spotify has about 113 million.
Forbes believes that a lack of support from major publishers explains why eBook subscriptions, including Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, haven’t grown as much as other kinds of subscription services. The largest retail publishers still sell over 60 percent of the books purchased from bookstores.
The big publishers generally license some books to subscription services for eReaders, but they don’t offer their entire catalog. In particular, they don’t share the most popular, current titles. In an era when many traditional publishers have struggled, it’s surprising they haven’t pursued extra revenue from subscriptions. Some reasons might include complex rights or simple concerns that choosing to lose some sales in pursuit of “borrows” will hurt revenue even more.

Does Kindle Unlimited Offer Value?

Despite the lack of some of the hottest titles from major publishers, Kindle Unlimited, Scribd, and other book subscriptions still offer plenty of choices. In particular, readers who don’t mind perusing older titles, classic works, and the creative contribution of independent authors will undoubtedly get their money’s worth. As these subscription services gain more members, publishers will probably release more titles.

Do Readers Need a Kindle Device for Kindle Unlimited?

Amazon offers apps that people can use on their smartphones, tablets, and PCs to read eBooks from Kindle Unlimited. Thus, they don’t force Kindle Unlimited members to buy a Kindle eReader to use Kindle Unlimited.
At the same time, eReaders offer a better experience than other devices because they have screens specifically suited to reading book text. Amazon makes these devices light and slim, so they’re comfortable to hold and easy to carry around. Also, the devices can access other content outside of Kindle Unlimited. For instance, many libraries let their members check out eBooks.
Cnet named the 2021 Kindle Paperwhite as its best choice for an all-around eReader. The Kindle Oasis costs about $100 more than the Paperwhite, but it gained a nod as the best premium eReader.

The Best Extended Warranty for eReaders

Anybody in the market for an eReader should consider protecting the device with an extended warranty. An extended warranty ensures access to quality repairs or replacements if the unexpected happens.
Upsie’s eReader warranties offer affordable, convenient access to local or mail-in repairs from certified technicians. Outstanding features of Upsie extended warranties include:
  • Upsie customers enjoy affordable protection against all sorts of problems, including broken screens, liquid damage, connectivity issues, and much more.
  • The company offers two-year and three-year plans with 24-7 live claims service by phone.
  • For ship-it-in service, Upsie will pay for two-day postage both ways.
  • Upsie only charges $25 for the deductible on covered services.
Indeed, eBook subscription services haven’t yet gained the popularity of similar services for movies and music. Still, avid readers feel satisfied with the experience, and Kindle Unlimited offers a 30-day trial to let members see if they feel happy with the selection of reading material.
Most people will probably enjoy using a service like Kindle Unlimited more if they have an eReader. Be sure to pair the eReader with an affordable Upsie warranty.

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