Do People With a Tablet Still Need an eReader?

Do people who already own a tablet need an eReader? It might seem like the popularity of portable tablets would make eReaders unnecessary. Tablets and eReaders look very similar these days, and tablets or smartphones can run apps to access eBooks. Maybe tablet owners don’t technically need an eReader, but they can still find excellent reasons to consider buying one anyway. Here’s why you may still need an eReader.


Today, smartphones and tablet computers offer excellent resolution and high refresh rates. These high-quality screens make these portable devices suitable for watching streaming content, playing games, or browsing the internet.
At the same time, AARP says the most compelling reason to invest in an eReader is that these specialized devices excel at displaying the plain text of books. An eReader’s screen will resemble the ink and paper of traditional books to make it easy to read in various lighting conditions. The non-glare display lets readers enjoy a comfortable and natural experience while reading, and many eReaders also have a backlight to let users read in bed with the lights off.

Battery Conservation

People on the go will want to conserve the batteries on their tablets and smartphones. The high-resolution screens and massive computing power of these devices tend to drain batteries quickly. In contrast, eReaders are easy on battery power and often last for days between charges. Thus, using an eReader for reading and a tablet or phone for other applications offers an efficient way to conserve power.


Today’s tablet computers pack a lot of processing power and large, high-resolution screens. In turn, they require bigger batteries to power everything. In contrast, manufacturers can make eReaders slimmer and lighter, making them easier on the hands and wrists. Lighter weights and thinner designs also make eReaders easy to carry in a pocket or bag.

How to Protect Your eReader and Tablet From Damage

Who doesn’t love to read on the beach or even in the bathtub? To stave off accidents, consider investing in a protective cover. Some manufacturers make water-resistant and dust-resistant devices, but the protection varies between brands and models.
A few avid readers on Book Cave admitted using waterproof food storage bags to protect their eReaders. This creative solution works but doesn’t look elegant. Many eReader cases can also protect the device and screen against accidental drops, offering a more permanent and effective solution.
Unprotected eReaders will eventually accumulate oil from fingers and dust from the environment. Contamination will subsequently make its way into the device’s internals through ports or crevices, causing damage.
A lint-free cloth offers the first line of defense. Moisten the cloth with water and a tiny drop of mild dish soap if necessary. Take care to keep liquid away from openings and seams. Several vendors also sell disposable wipes specially made for electronics, and these also provide a convenient, safe solution.

The Best eReader and Tablet Extended Warranty Protection

At first glance, eReaders look very similar to tablet computers. Thus, most people describe eReaders as a type of tablet. Still, eReaders differ from typical tablets because of their lighter weight, anti-glare, paper-like screens, and lower demands on the battery.
No matter what they’re called, people who love to read generally also love having an eReader, even if they already own a smartphone and a typical tablet. No matter how much eReader owners care about protecting their cherished devices, accidents and unexpected faults show up from time to time.
Upsie offers affordable extended warranties for eReaders and regular tablets. Customers can purchase a two-year or three-year protection plan for eReaders and tablets bought in the last 60 days. With an Upsie warranty, customers can make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device, ensuring protection against damage. The extended warranty will pay for repairs needed because of damage, including accidents, wear, and defects.
In addition, Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70 percent less than warranties sold elsewhere. As a result, customers get the best protection at the best price.

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