Why a Smartwatch Warranty is a Smart Idea

Once the stuff of science fiction, smartwatches have become an increasingly popular gadget. From tech lovers to fitness buffs, these devices are now part of daily life for millions of satisfied users.
As with every electronic gizmo used on a regular basis, protecting this investment is a must. That’s exactly what modern smartwatches have come to be thought of – as an investment, rather than a tech curiosity. With watches costing hundreds of dollars and bringing users into online ecosystems, it’s never been more critical to keep them safe. Read on to learn why an extended smartwatch warranty is a wise decision.

Everyday Use Means Everyday Wear and Tear

Anyone with a smartphone knows how much of a beating they take on a daily basis. Studies show consumers look at their phones hundreds of times per day, with each one of those views presenting unique dangers. Smartwatches are no different — and in some cases they are even more prone to damage than phones. Since they don’t hide in our pockets or purses, they face threats from mother nature as well as any other obstacles that life might (sometimes literally) throw at users.
Smartwatches designed for fitness tracking are somewhat durable. Sweat, water, dirt, and other dangers threaten these devices during intense workouts. Fitbit, Samsung, Apple, and other manufacturers have come a long way in terms of durability. However, even the most bulletproof watches can fall victim to failure. For this reason alone, it’s well worth the cost to ensure any smartwatch on the market is protected with a warranty.

The Digital Days of Our Lives

Google and Apple have sunk their teeth into millions of users who now rely on these services daily. From navigating life itself through Maps to keeping track of numerous photos and videos, these ecosystems are woven into the fabric of modern society.
Some people feel like social pariahs without their smartwatches, which keep them synced into their digital life. But, for others, these devices play a critical role in their health and wellbeing. Whether they receive reminders to take insulin or simple nudge towards being more active, these devices keep users aware of their lifestyles — and how they can be improved.
There’s no need to lose a grip on (digital) reality by waiting forever to replace a busted or malfunctioning smartwatch, though. A smartwatch extended warranty will repair or replace it quickly, limiting the amount of time spent waiting to get back to real life.

Protecting An Investment

Premium smartwatches from Apple, Garmin, and Samsung clock in at prices approaching $499. Some consumers wouldn’t dare spend that much on a TV or sound system without protecting it with a warranty. So you shouldn’t leave your smartwatch unprotected, either.
An extended warranty adds a negligible amount of money to the total cost of a new smartwatch. It’s a wise investment in the long run, especially considering modern smartwatches are still relatively new technology. They haven’t been perfected yet, especially from a durability standpoint. Don’t be left without an important piece of technology after it falls victim to the harsh realities of modern life. Protect it with an extended warranty.

Upsie: The Perks of Extended Warranty Coverage at a Reasonable Price

The numbers don’t lie: smartwatches are gaining popularity. With so many different companies duking it out for market share, consumers need to keep their best interests in mind. That being said, going through the warranty process at a major brick and mortar retailer may result in questionable coverage at a suspect price. With an extended smartwatch warranty from Upsie, consistent coverage and peace of mind are easily obtained.

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