Smartwatch Showdown: Apple vs. Samsung vs. Fossil

It’s time for a good old smartwatch showdown! Just like with the smartphone wars and the console wars, there are plenty of strong opinions surrounding the question regarding Apple vs. Samsung vs. Fossil smartwatches. The Upsie team is here to provide unbiased feedback and answers to your top questions regarding Apple vs. Samsung vs. Fossil smartwatches.

Which Is Better? Apple, Samsung, or Fossil?

As is usually the case with questions like this one, the answer depends greatly on the person asking. First off, most smartwatches are heavily dependent on the owner’s smartphone, and OS integration matters. This means that if you already own an iPhone, then the Apple Watch is the clear winner. An Android smartwatch will have limited, if any, functionality for you.
This principle works in reverse, too: if you have an Android smartphone, you don’t want an Apple Watch, because the thing won’t really do much of anything.
If you’re in the Android world, you do get choices. Samsung and Fossil both put out quality smartwatches. On features and integration alone, Samsung is better. But on price? Fossil has Samsung beat, and the experience is still a respectable one.
If you really must know which smartwatch offers the best and most powerful experience, we agree with The Verge: it’s the Apple Watch. Everything from the design to the OS integration to the functionality is just much better.

Which Smartwatch Is Best for Android Users?

Android users (especially Samsung Galaxy owners) looking for the most powerful, feature-packed Android smartwatch should typically stick to Samsung devices like the Galaxy Watch Active2 or the Galaxy Watch3. By keeping both phone and watch in the Galaxy family, users will get the best integration available outside of the Apple Watch/iPhone.
Looking at the Active2, the slick touch-sensitive bezel is a nice innovation, and offline Spotify in a smartwatch? Pretty cool. Unfortunately, app support isn’t great, and pairing it with a non-Samsung phone requires a bit of effort.

Is an Apple Smartwatch Best for iPhone Users?

Absolutely, yes. Apple really shines in its integration of iOS and WatchOS. Having an Apple Watch — any generation — paired with just about any iPhone is the best smartwatch experience on the market today.
While current generation Apple Watches are a bit pricey, you can regularly find deals on refurbished older models in the low $100s. For around the price of a Garmin fitness tracker, you can get a far more complete and powerful experience with an Apple Watch. If you’re an iPhone user who wants a smartwatch, it’s a no-brainer.

Which Samsung Smartwatch Is Best?

As mentioned above, it’s a bit of a tie between the Galaxy Watch Active2 and the Galaxy Watch3. The Active2 is, unsurprisingly, a better choice for active use. If you’re using the watch more as a workout monitor than a fashion statement, that’s the one for you.
The Galaxy Watch3 looks a little nicer and sleeker. It adds some new bells and whistles, including new health tools, but it runs on the same processor as last year’s phone. Whether the added expense is worth it is up to you.

What Is the Newest Apple Smartwatch?

Apple Watch Series 5 is currently the newest model available, having launched in September 2019. It’s an iterative update, retaining the same body design as the previous series but upgrading the processor and the screen. Lower power OLED allows the phone to operate in always-on mode.

Which Fossil Smartwatch Is Best?

If you’re an Android user who doesn’t like Samsung’s approach, Fossil is another contender. An established watch manufacturer, Fossil is relatively late to the smartwatch game. Its smartwatches run Google’s Wear OS, which pairs well with any modern Android phone.
The best Fossil smartwatch as far as features and design is the Fossil Gen 5. The Gen 5 boasts a lovely display, solid fitness tracking, GPS, near-field communication, and even a built-in speaker. But be warned, it isn’t cheap. You’ll want to be sure to protect it with an extended smartwatch warranty.

Can You Text on a Fossil Smartwatch?

If your Fossil smartwatch is running Wear OS 2.0 or later, it should be able to receive and send texts when connected to Wi-Fi (or cellular, if you have a phone with that capability).

Can You Answer Calls on a Fossil Smartwatch?

Same as above, yes, provided the smartwatch runs Wear OS 2.0 or later.

What Is the Best Way to Protect a Smartwatch?

The best protection for a smartwatch is a quality extended warranty from Upsie. Upsie offers two-year warranties with accident protection on all smartwatches, whether they are new or used. With accident protection, you’re covered regardless of what goes wrong or whose fault it is. Upsie’s deductible is very competitive at $25, and your overall costs will be far lower than with a big box retailer.

What Is Covered Under an Upsie Smartwatch Extended Warranty?

Upsie covers the major areas where damage or failure is likely to occur, including these:
  • Cracked screen
  • Liquid damage
  • Battery or power failure
  • Touchscreen failure
  • Bluetooth failure
See the full list of coverage at the bottom of our smartwatch warranty page.

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