Samsung Smartwatch Warranty and Insurance Options

Have you recently picked up a Samsung smartwatch? Congratulations on reaching a new level of connectedness! Or perhaps you purchased it primarily for the fitness features. If so, we wish you the best in your fitness journey!
Samsung smartwatches are pretty cool, but they aren’t exactly bargain basement items. You might be wondering what your options are for protecting your purchase with a smartwatch extended warranty. That way, you’re covered if something goes wrong with your Samsung smartwatch.
Find answers to your questions here, plus reviews and comparisons of the most common extended warranty plans.

Which Companies Offer Samsung Smartwatch Extended Warranties?

Most consumers are familiar with AppleCare+, which is Apple’s extended warranty coverage for its own products. It’s expensive, but their customer service is known to be pretty legendary.
Samsung, on the other hand? Their customer service can be a bit lackluster, if we’re honest. While they offer a Care+ plan for phones, we cannot find any such coverage for their own smartwatches.
There are a number of companies offering extended warranties on smartwatches. Upsie is one, of course. With Upsie, you can purchase an extended warranty protection plan up to 60 days after your smartwatch purchase. Other names in this space include Squaretrade and Securranty. You’ll find others if you search hard enough, but these are the main companies offering their warranties online.
Another option you might encounter is point of sale warranties. The company that sold you your Samsung smartwatch may have offered you one of their own plans. Amazon, Best Buy and many other retailers employ this strategy—but they usually include significant markup in their warranties.

How Much Does Upsie Cost Compared to the Competition?

It’s important to read the fine print, because not every smartwatch protection plan offers exactly the same coverage. That said, the plans from reputable providers are all pretty similar, and the players that gave extended warranties a bad reputation are long gone. Today’s warranties offer quality service, pretty much across the board. The biggest distinction is usually cost.
Upsie plans cost less than their competitors, often with lower deductible pricing. Upsie can offer those rates because they don’t have expensive overhead from retail stores or huge markups.
Check out the cost differences between several major plans on Samsung’s newest flagship smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. We’ll price out the base model, which retails for $369, at 2 years of extended coverage.


Price Deductible Coverage
Upsie $35.99 $25 Includes accident protection, unlimited claims up to device value
SquareTrade $54.99 $59 Includes accident protection, unlimited claims up to device value
Securranty $69.95 $59 Risk free – cancel for refund
Best Buy $69 Unclear Includes accident protection, unlimited claims up to device value
As you can see, Upsie provides clear value that the competition can’t match.

What Does My Samsung Smartwatch Extended Warranty Cover?

There are generally two categories of coverage on all warranty plans: accidental damage covers damage from drops, spills, and other similar damage. Extended manufacturer coverage handles product defects, component failures, and other similar damage.

Does Upsie Cover Accidents or Water Damage?

Yes. Any and all accidental damage, including shattered screens, is covered. And while Samsung smartwatches are IP rated for water resistance or even waterproofing, your Upsie warranty still covers water damage, should it occur.

What About Theft?

Standard extended warranty plans, including those from Upsie, do not cover theft. You may have theft coverage through your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, so you can check with your agent about that. All that said, the likelihood of watch theft is quite low compared to other forms of theft.

Are Upsie Warranties Transferable?

Yes, they are. If you decide your Samsung smartwatch isn’t quite right for you or you upgrade to a new model before your coverage expires, you can transfer the warranty to the new owner. You might even get a better sale price as a result!

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Hopefully now that you have this information, you’re ready to purchase an extended Samsung smartwatch protection plan from Upsie. If so, follow the link and get protected!
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