Fossil Gen 6 Wear OS Smartwatch Rumors and Leaks

Fossil began during the 1980s when a pair of brothers in Texas started importing fashionable watches from overseas. They must have had a good eye for style because their new business enjoyed considerable success.
However, CNET reported on the first Fossil smartwatch, which the company called Q Founder, and had a mostly negative take. CNET mostly criticized the product for its limited battery life, sluggish performance, and lack of apps and sensors. In fact, the CNET reviewer didn’t even like the charger.
The reviewer did grudgingly praise the smartwatch’s overall design. Apparently, Fossil had retained its good sense of fashion, even if they hadn’t grasped all the important features of wearable tech.
However, Fossil continued to work on their smartwatches and released one of the best smartwatches in 2019 — the Gen 5. Fossil has improved this classic watch and plans to release the Gen 6. Here’s everything you need to know about Gen 6.

Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch Leaks and News

Fossil just recently began building anticipation for the new release of Gen 6. According to claims, the company will release the watch by the end of 2021. Here are some of the top rumors about Gen 6:
  • Rumors suggest the new watch will include a Snapdragon Wear 4100+ chip and perform much better than the Gen 5.
  • The new chipset should also relieve battery drain, so users may enjoy more time using their watch between charges.
  • They’re likely to also include LTE in the Gen 6, which lets users make calls and check the internet without a nearby phone tethered to the watch for connectivity.
Previously, Fossil partnered with Verizon for the United States and Vodafone for the UK as their LTE providers. However, some industry watchers wonder if they will offer more provider choices and support in other countries when they release their latest smartwatch.

Has Fossil Provided a Gen 6 Release Date?

TechRadar mentioned that Fossil released the Gen 5 in the early fall of 2019 and speculated a fall release for the Gen 6 as well. In the past, Fossil released watches annually — they skipped 2020, but so did a lot of tech companies. (During the height of the pandemic, many companies suffered from shortages and logistics issues. In turn, smartwatch manufacturers commonly postponed release dates and offered fewer options.)

How Much Will the Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch Cost?

The Gen 5 LTE cost $349 on its release date. So, it’s fair to assume that this new watch will cost about the same.
Unlike some other brands of smartwatches, the Gen 5 LTE hasn’t dropped in price yet. However, budget-minded shoppers might want to look for possible discounts on the previous version after the new one enters the market. Learn more about the Fossil Gen 5 here.

Premium Protection for Premium Smartwatches

The new Gen 6 has an opportunity to establish Fossil as a leader in the smartwatch industry. However, no matter how stylish the watches are, they are still prone to damage. Upsie offers a solution.
Upsie provides premium extended warranties for Fossil smartwatches. Not only does Upsie charge up to 70 percent less than their competitors, but Upsie also offers premium benefits such as:
  • 24-7 claims services by phone
  • A choice of local or mail-in repairs
  • Replacements on the first claim when repairs don’t make sense
  • Coverage for accidents, like drops and spills, cracked screens, connection problems, and more
In addition, you can purchase an Upsie extended warranty up to 60 days after buying your smartwatch.

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