Fitbit Takes on Apple With All-New Luxe Fitness Tracker

Founded in 2007, Fitbit has been at the forefront of wearable tech for well over a decade. However, Apple has been snapping at its heels for the past six years with the Apple Watch. Since 2015, the two have battled for supremacy in the smartwatch and fitness tracking space.
Earlier this year, things took a new turn as Google completed its purchase of Fitbit after months of negotiation. More recently, the pioneering wearable tech firm had fallen behind Apple in terms of sales. Though with Google now in the driver’s seat, Fitbit seems to be coming for Apple with renewed vigor.
An early sign of this is Fitbit’s all-new Luxe. Marketed as a fashion-forward fitness and wellness wristband, it definitely looks the part. Reminiscent of the Apple Watch in various aspects of its design, it’s a handsome piece of hardware. But is it a contender for the top-selling Apple Watch’s crown? Let’s take a closer look.

Introducing the Fitbit Luxe Fitness Tracker

First announced back in April, Fitbit’s all-new Luxe is undoubtedly a joy to look at. One could argue that this is thanks in no small part to its similarities to the Apple Watch. The default Fitbit Luxe band is almost identical to Apple’s.
The bezel around its screen, too, will feel immediately familiar to Apple Watch owners. The Luxe even comes in a range of very Apple-like color choices. These color choices include white with a soft gold bezel and black with a matching graphite-colored surround. There’s also a pretty orchid and platinum combo.
Immediately noticeable is the Fitbit Luxe’s narrower, taller display. Yet, at a glance, you could be forgiven for thinking that it was simply a new innovation from Apple. And, of course, that’s by no means a criticism.

Fitbit Luxe Features

A stand-out feature of the new Luxe from Fitbit is also extremely Apple-like. Just as with the Apple Watch, Luxe buyers can choose to upgrade their band in quite spectacular fashion. For example, choices include a pair of soft gold and platinum link bracelets. These are the work of famous luxury jewelry designer Gorjana Reidel.
Two steel mesh bands, available in the same finishes, also look very much like Apple products. The same is equally true of Fitbit’s new leather double wraps.
Elsewhere, other features include a beautiful full-color display and a five-day battery. The new Fitbit Luxe also boasts full call, text, and other smartphone notifications.

Fitbit Luxe Functionality

On the surface, at least, the all-new Fitbit Luxe should have no problem swaying undecided buyers away from the best-selling Apple Watch.
Better still, the Luxe’s outright attractiveness isn’t its only favorable feature. In fact, Fitbit’s fashion-forward fitness and wellness wristband’s list of functions is surprisingly extensive.
The new Fitbit Luxe includes oxygen saturation and 24/7 heart rate monitoring, all-day activity tracking, and a total of 20 unique exercise modes. There’s also real-time pace and distance tracking, a swim mode, and various stress management, mindfulness, and guided relaxation tools.

New Fitbit Luxe vs. Apple Watch

Overall, there’s relatively little to separate the Apple Watch and Fitbit’s new Luxe. For many people, a buying decision is likely to come down to cost.
Crucially here, Fitbit’s price for the Luxe starts at just $149.95. That’s considerably cheaper than the Apple Watch Series 6 at $399. It’s also close to half the price of the $279 Apple Watch SE and even $50 less than the still-available, three-year-old $199 Watch Series 3.
On that basis, and considering its premium appearance and feature set, the all-new Fitbit Luxe feels like a bargain. Admittedly, Fitbit is quick to point out that the Luxe is a fitness tracker rather than a full-blown smartwatch. Whether that’s an important distinction, it’s difficult to say.
Apple’s array of smartwatches is admittedly much broader. As a whole, they’re also much more expensive. Meanwhile, the Fitbit Luxe is slimmer – something that will surely appeal to many people. Yet, it’s impossible to deny that it lacks some of the more technologically advanced functionality of the Apple Watch range.
Fans of Apple will also likely stay loyal to the brand. However, with a strong following of its own, anyone could argue much the same of existing Fitbit owners.

Subscriptions and Other Costs

Another consideration that people shouldn’t overlook revolves around subscriptions and other costs. Of course, many popular Apple Watch apps cost money to use. However, all of its default functionality is unlocked and available to owners across the board.
At the same time, owners can also subscribe to Apple Fitness+ for access to guided workouts and audio walking experiences. This costs $9.99 per month.
Several aspects of Luxe’s functionality, meanwhile, call for Fitbit Premium. This, too, costs $9.99 per month. Without it, Fitbit Luxe owners will sadly find themselves unable to access the full scope of their device. Stress management and sleep scores, for starters, are available exclusively to Fitbit Premium subscribers.

Extended Warranties and Protection Plans

Potential buyers should also take into consideration Fitbit and Apple’s respective extended warranty and protection plans. Lasting for two years, the Fitbit Protection Plan with Accidental Damage is priced at $29.99. Comparable coverage from Apple costs between $49 and $79, courtesy of AppleCare+.
Because smartwatches are portable devices, it is recommended to protect them with a warranty. You won’t realize how easy it is to bang your wrist on the counter, a machine at the gym, etc. until you have a broken smart watch on your wrist. However, a manufacturer warranty may not be the best option.

Protect Your New Fitbit Luxe With Upsie

Thankfully, for those looking to save a little money, other options are available. By choosing Upsie, customers can save up to 70% on the cost of an extended warranty with accident protection. Upsie is proud to offer comparable or superior coverage at a discount of up to two-thirds of the cost of protection purchased directly from Fitbit or Apple.


Upsie Fitbit Protection Upsie AppleCare+
Device FitBit Luxe ($149.95) FitBit Luxe ($149.95) Apple Watch Series 3 ($199) Apple Watch Series 3 ($199)
Term 2-Year 2-Year 2-Year 2-Year
Price $19.99 $29.99 $24.99 $49
Deductible $25 $15 $25 $69
Upsie makes this possible by cutting out the middleman. Benefits of smartwatch and fitness tracker warranties from Upsie include protection against:
  • Cracked screens
  • Liquid damage and other accidents
  • Battery failure
  • Power failure
  • Bluetooth failure
  • Touchscreen failure
Claims are unlimited up to the purchase price of a smartwatch or fitness tracker. Customers are also welcome to gift or sell their device, complete with the balance of its Upsie warranty.
The Fitbit Luxe warranty and Apple Watch warranty from Upsie also come in three-year terms – a benefit that the manufactures do not offer. Find out more exclusively at

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