Compare the Apple Watch Series 6 Versus SE Wearable Tech

Apple just rolled out the Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch Series 6. Besides the difference in price, both watches have some similarities and a few important distinctions. While the basic SE costs about $120 less compared to a basic 6, the Series 6 offers some valuable extra features. Anybody with an interest in wearable tech should take a closer look to see which watch would offer them the price and features they want.

Compare the Apple Watch SE Vs. Apple Watch Series 6

Both watches began shipping on September 18, 2020. Also, they run the same operating system, WatchOS7. As for the cost:
  • Prices for the Apple Watch SE begin at $279. The WiFi and cell option costs $50 more.
  • The Series 6 starts at $399. The WiFi and cell option costs $100 more.
Apple offers the SE as a more affordable alternative to its top-tier smartwatch line. Even though they both have a similar appearance, the Series 6 provides more options.
For some examples:
  • Style: Both watches can come in silver, gold, and gray; however, the Series 6 also comes in blue, red, titanium, and titanium black. Also, the luxury brand, Hermès, offers optional bands for the Series 6.
  • Display: The Series 6 has a convenient feature that leaves the time display on. With the SE, the wearer has to raise or tap the watch to turn on the display.
  • Battery life: Both watches promise to run 18 hours on a charge.
  • Processing: The Series 6 comes with Apples S6 chipset, but the SE only comes with the S5 chipset. Even though the S6 provides more processing power, according to CNET, even the S5 runs at double the speed of the Series 3 chipset from two years previously.
The Series 6 also comes with a blood oxygen sensor that can collect information about breathing and blood circulation in just 15 seconds. These days, lots of people have invested in oximeters because of concerns about COVID-19, so including that feature may attract some customers to the pricer model.
Besides the sensor, the watch comes loaded with an app that displays readings. It even has an EKG for detection of irregular heart rhythms.

Does the Apple Watch Series 6 or SE Offer a Better Value?

A lot of people who decide to invest in either one of these smartwatches would probably opt to spend extra for the WiFi and cellular option. With that option, the Apple Series 6 costs $170 more than the SE.
At the same time, most smartphone buyers want to invest in a truly useful and future-proof gadget, so it seems pretty easy to justify buying the phone with a faster processing speed and extra features. Still, even the scaled-back SE offers better performance than its predecessors and might make a good choice for a first-time smartwatch owner.
Either way, Apple’s watches have gained popularity lately, so buyers of either model will probably be satisfied with their choice. According to Business Insider, Apple commands well over half of the worldwide smartwatch market. Its closest rival, Samsung, has less than a 14-percent share.

Extended Warranties for Apple Smartwatches

People who want to buy a new smartwatch should do their research. After all, buying one of these watches represents a large investment for something that will probably get used several times a day.
While researching smartphones, consumers should also take the time to compare extended warranties. Of course, the manufacturer offers Apple Watch warranties. Still, a third-party warranty company like Upsie can provide a better option.
For one thing, Apple will only cover a maximum of two incidents caused by accidents, but Upsie doesn’t impose any limits up to the cost of the device. Very often, one drop or spill will damage multiple parts of the watch, so people with an Upsie smartphone warranty will have more protection, and they can use the Genius Bar for repairs if they choose.
Upsie customers can simply call the 24-7 customer service line to file a claim and get free round-trip, two-day shipping to and from a certified service center. To see Upsie’s transparent plans and pricing online, visit the Apple Watch warranty page. Upsie also covers other smartwatch brands, fitness trackers, smartphones, and other electronics and appliances.
Hopefully this comparison of the Apple Watch Series 6 versus Apple Watch SE will help you make an informed smartwatch decision. And never forget to protect your new watch with Upsie!

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