Compare the New Apple Watch 7 Versus Apple Watch 6

Just a month ago, PC Magazine ranked the Apple Watch 6 as their top overall choice for a smartwatch. They credited the range of features, choice of apps, and performance for this selection. More recently, the manufacturer announced the upcoming debut of the Apple Watch 7.

Apple Watch 7 Versus Apple Watch 6

Compare the Apple Watch 7 vs. Apple Watch 6 to see if it’s worth waiting to buy a high-quality Apple smartwatch.

Apple Watch 7 Pricing and Release Dates

Expect to find the Apple Watch in retailers by the end of September. Prices for this watch should start at $399. CNET says that Apple hasn’t released all the pricing tiers yet, but they may closely follow those for the Apple Watch 6. Typically, options with LTE will cost considerably more.
At the same time, expect to find the Apple Watch 6 discounted when the Apple Watch 7 debuts. As always, the new release of an Apple product often signals an opportunity to get previous versions on sale.
Some retailers, like Apple itself, offer owners of previous versions a deal for trading in their own model. Since they need to sell those trade-in models, some frugal shoppers may find that a refurbished watch from a previous owner offers them a chance to buy a high-end smartwatch at a bargain price.

What’s New With Apple Watch 7?

With that in mind, find out what an investment in an Apple Watch 7 will offer over an Apple Watch 6:
  • A better display: Apple says the Apple Watch 7 will increase the display by 20 percent and fit 50 percent more text. The display can also appear 70 percent brighter in Always On mode.
  • More durable: The Apple Watch 7 earned a new IP6X rating for dust resistance. Apple has long marketed these smartwatches as water-resistant but not waterproof, and that appears the same.
  • Faster charging: Apple did not promise a longer battery life, but users should find the Apple 7 faster to charge.

Is the Apple Watch 7 the Best Smartwatch Now?

Samsung provided new health features with its Galaxy Watch 4, so many people expected Apple to do the same. At this time, Apple has not released information about new health trackers or sensors. Anybody with a strong interest in sports and fitness features might also compare the Fitbit Versa 3 and Galaxy Watch 4.
How do Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch 7 compare? Critics and reviewers might consider the Apple Watch 7 somewhat better than its predecessor. Since the Apple Watch 6 earned very high ratings in a competitive market, that says a lot. Still, people who own an Apple Watch 6 might not feel like the Apple Watch 7 gives them an incentive to invest in a new smartwatch so soon.

Buy the Best Apple Watch Warranty Insurance

An Upsie Apple Watch warranty will offer protection against damage and ensure the customer’s peace of mind. For instance:
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  • Local repair options include Apple’s Genius Bar and other certified services, and Upsie will cover shipping costs both ways.
  • The protection plan includes coverage against wear, accidents, and defects with a choice of two or three years of coverage.
  • Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70 percent less than warranties from competitors.
The choice between an Apple Watch 6, Apple Watch 7, and other high-quality smartwatches can challenge the most dedicated tech enthusiasts. However, no matter the brand, Upsie offers affordable, high-quality, and comprehensive protection and services.

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