Is the Amazon Halo the Best Smart Fitness Tracker?

The Amazon Halo looks like a simple and unremarkable wristband. Despite its deceptive appearance, this fitness tracker uses artificial intelligence to tell users a lot about their physical and emotional health. In fact, the Tom’s Guide reviewer wryly complained that it told her more about herself than she even cared to know. She liked it but said it took some getting used to.
Does the idea of wearing an AI companion that can teach you about yourself sound appealing? Take a moment to learn more about Amazon Halo fitness trackers.

How Much Does the Amazon Halo Cost?

Amazon priced the Halo at $99. That includes a free starter membership. After the trial ends, the regular membership costs $3.99 a month. Basically, the Halo will cost about $100 to buy and $50 a year to use all of its features. Without the extra membership, people can still track their heart rate, steps, and sleep.
Since the wristband doesn’t have a screen, Halo also comes with a smartphone app users will need to manage and use their device. In some ways, that’s a positive. Without the screen, most people find the wristband comfortable to wear all the time, including at bedtime.

How Does the Amazon Halo Fitness Wearable Work?

Compatible with both Android and iOS, the Halo boasts an impressive one-week battery life. It also comes with monitors for sleep and heart rate. According to PC Magazine, people should begin looking into this device by considering four main factors:
  • Activity: Halo assigns an activity score by monitoring both active and sedentary time during the day. It encourages users to follow the suggestion of the American Heart Association and get an activity score of at least 150 each week.
  • Sleep: As with activity, Halo monitors sleep and assigns scores that range from 0 to 100.
  • Voice tone: This interesting feature uses the device’s microphones to record speech throughout the day. Using AI, it analyzes how the wearer sounds to others. For instance, it might use descriptions like amused or distracted. Users have the option to disable the microphone or analyze their speech instantly in real time.
  • Body fat percentage: Not everybody’s a fan of the feature that allows the user to take a photo of themselves and have their body fat percentage analyzed. It’s probably best used to measure progress and not as a gauge of health.

Why Protect an Amazon Halo?

An Amazon Halo might not come with a screen. At the same time, it does have sensors and other sensitive electronics to communicate with Amazon and the user’s smartphone. Wearing a lightweight device like this helps people make the most of its tracking and motivational features. At the same time, constant use also exposes the wristband to wear, the elements, and the chance of accidents.
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For instance:
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Mostly, there’s no complicated contract with lots of fine print. Instead, Upsie only charges a $25 deductible for repairs and does not include any surprising service fees. Besides Amazon Halo, Upsie also offers protection plans for all brands and types of smartwatches and fitness trackers. Take some time to find the best device, and then make the smart choice to protect it with Upsie.

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