How a Smartphone Warranty Plan Keeps You Connected

Many people are hesitant to spend money on a smartphone warranty protection plan. After all, you likely just shelled out close to a thousand dollars for your new smartphone. Spending more money for an extended warranty plan might seem unnecessary at first. Yet, once you start digging into the pros and cons, you will learn that extended warranty protection is worth every penny. After all, a smartphone warranty ensures that you are connected at all times.
The initial cost of a smartphone protection plan is nothing compared to how much you might save down the line. It also ensures that you are linked to the surrounding world. See, most people would be lost if their phone broke and they could not afford to fix it. These nifty little devices are essential for conducting business, connecting with others and so much more. Let’s take a quick look at the many merits of purchasing a smartphone warranty protection plan.

What does a smartphone warranty protection plan cover?

Upsie’s smartphone subscription warranty includes extended manufacturer and accidental damage protection. Accidental damage is exactly what it sounds like: protection for accidents. For example, if you trip and crack your smartphone screen, accidental protection covers the crack. In fact, even if you accidentally knock your soda over onto your smartphone, Upsie covers the damage.
There is a common misconception that smartphone warranty protection is only for accidents, like the ones detailed above. However, Upsie protection also covers failures of power and touch screens. This way, if there is a failure or a power short, you won’t break the bank purchasing a new smartphone. The power failure component of Upsie’s protection plan also includes the replacement of the internal cord.

What About Touchscreens?

There is hardly anything more frustrating than pressing your smartphone’s touchscreen only for it to prove unresponsive. If your smartphone touchscreen fails, you won’t have to panic as long as you have Upsie warranty protection. If this happens, Upsie will get it back to working order and ultimately get you back to scrolling in no time.

Smartphone Warranty Protection is Applicable to Smartphone Audio and Wi-Fi

Smartphone warranties cover audio features, the camera, and wireless functionality. Indeed, Upsie’s protection covers all of these functions and then some. Back in the day, phones were used solely for communication. But many argue that, these days, phones are just as important for entertainment! If your smartphone’s headphone jack no longer functions, you will be thankful for your protection plan. Malfunctioning headphone jacks, problematic volume control or a malfunctioning microphone are all covered with Upsie. In fact, all issues with the wireless capability and network connectivity are covered as a manufacturer defect. Furthermore, all problems with Bluetooth connectivity and sensors are also covered. The best part: Upsie smartphone warranties are incredibly affordable. Take a look at the low deductibles and you will agree you get plenty of bang for your buck.

Do Not Risk Becoming Disconnected From the World

The moral of this story is that it’s very expensive to repair smartphones out of pocket. Aside from the cost of replacing the phone, there is also the cost associated with being disconnected from the world. Take a moment to think about the frequency at which you use your smartphone. From work obligations to getting directions, smartphones are used for just about everything. Why put this essential connectivity at risk when warranty protection plans are available?
In the long run, it really is cheaper and more convenient to have a smartphone warranty protection plan. Upsie's plans costs only $9.99 per month and pays considerable dividends down the line. There is no need to worry about a lengthy delay after your smartphone malfunctions, either. In most cases, the Upsie team will get your phone repaired the same day. Upsie provides 24/7/365 claims service where you will speak to a real person in their claims canter. Put your faith in Upsie’s smartphone warranty protection program and rest easy knowing your lifeline to the world will always be available.

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