Red Magic 7 Pro: A Powerful Gaming Smartphone

In a world of primarily conventional Apple iPhones and Galaxy-branded handsets from Samsung, dedicated gaming smartphones remain something of a rarity. However, times are changing. Take the Red Magic 7 Pro, for example. The $799 handset from Chinese smartphone manufacturer Nubia Technology puts gaming front and center.
Fresh to the market, Nubia Technology's new Red Magic 7 Pro joins barely a handful of other dedicated smartphones for mobile gamers like the Asus ROG Phone 5 and Lenovo Legion Phone Duel. It also follows almost immediately in the footsteps of the non-Pro Red Magic 7, first unveiled earlier this year.
So, what sets the Red Magic 7 Pro apart from regular smartphones and ensures that gaming is a priority? For the most part, it's all in the handset's specs.

Wildly Powerful

At a glance, the Red Magic 7 Pro isn't dissimilar in appearance to many other smartphones. Yet, take a closer look, and it's immediately evident that the handset is a different proposition entirely. The back is transparent, and when held in landscape mode, it boasts built-in game console controller-like shoulder buttons.
That said, these and various other small nods to gaming are just the tip of the iceberg. Because where the Red Magic 7 Pro really impresses is when it comes to numbers. In terms of its specs, highlights include:
With that, it's wildly powerful and supremely well-equipped. It also gets USB-C connectivity and has a handy 3.5mm headphone jack – something that's sadly lacking from most of today's new smartphones.

Sizing up the Red Magic 7 Pro

It should be no surprise that the Red Magic 7 Pro isn't a small phone. It measures and weighs roughly the same as the iPhone 13 Pro Max from Apple. But that's where the similarities end. While most of today's flagship smartphones focus on being sleek and stylish, the Red Magic 7 Pro actually looks like a device made for gaming.
Thankfully, it doesn't feel cheap as a result. In fact, the new Nubia Technology handset looks and feels great. Ample vents for all-important cooling further point toward its powerful nature. And that's not the only way it keeps temperatures down, either. That's because the Red Magic 7 Pro also features a built-in 20,000 RPM fan lit by a rainbow of RGB LEDs.
The Red Magic 7 Pro's display, meanwhile, is similarly impressive. Pleasantly notch-free and measuring 6.8 inches across, it's the same size as the screen on the range-topping Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The Red Magic 7 Pro's refresh rate is the same as that on the S22 Ultra, too – 120Hz; perfect for gaming.
At the same time, the $1,300 flagship model from Samsung gets a touch sampling rate of just 240Hz. By contrast, the $500 cheaper Red Magic 7 Pro's touch sampling rate is a massive 960Hz. Inputs are therefore faster and smoother, granting a significant edge over competitors, even on significantly more expensive but less gaming-focused phones.

Camera Woes

On paper, the camera provisions on the Red Magic 7 Pro look impressive:
  • 64MP main camera
  • 8MP ultra-wide camera
  • 16MP selfie camera
Even more remarkable is that the Red Magic 7 Pro's front-facing camera is an under-display solution. This cutting-edge feature is central to the phone's notch-free display.
That's great in principle, of course. However, the reality is that the resulting images and video from its selfie camera are poor. And while the phone's other cameras do perform better, neither is overly impressive – particularly compared to those on similarly priced handsets from other manufacturers.

Red Magic 7 Pro Trade-Offs

Nubia Technology's advanced but ultimately lackluster under-display selfie camera isn't the Red Magic 7 Pro's only trade-off. The powerful gaming smartphone's numerous vents and built-in fan mean that it's resistant to neither dust nor water.
It also runs on its own operating system. It's based on Android 12, so it won't be entirely unfamiliar to many. Be that as it may, it's somewhat devoid of the polish of the standard Android OS. On the other hand, various unique tweaks do mean that, a lack of polish and some quirks aside, it's very much tailored specifically toward gaming.

The Bottom Line

Powerful smartphones wholly dedicated to gaming are still few and far between. So the Nubia Technology Red Magic 7 Pro is a standout handset in an admittedly limited market. It certainly outperforms many other options, including older Red Magic-branded models from the same manufacturer.
Nevertheless, at almost $800 in standard 256GB guise, and rising to nearly $900 for the 512GB version, there are several equally capable alternatives out there. Arguably among the best are Asus's various ROG models. Similarly gaming-focused smartphones from a more recognized and established brand, prices start at around $900.
Either way, and whichever make and model buyers settle on, an extended smartphone warranty is a must.

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