Everything to Know About the New Features in iOS 15.4

One of the most underrated aspects of owning a smartphone? The very updates that some users dread, like with iOS 15.4. These should be regarded as exciting opportunities to boost an already amazing mobile experience.
Both Google and Apple are constantly hard at work, perfecting their operating systems and adding new features. iOS users, in particular, enjoy a fantastic level of support for their iPhones and iPads. This continues to be true with the latest update for iOS. Known as iOS 15.4, it promises a range of intriguing and useful adjustments.
Not sure what to expect at iOS shifts yet again? Keep reading to learn all about iOS 15.4 and what it means for iPhone users.

Face ID With Mask

While this feature may be too little too late with the pandemic seemingly winding down and mask mandates vanishing, it's handy nonetheless. Users who want to unlock their phones but don't want to remove their masks can now do so thanks to this improvement.

New Emojis and Siri Voice

Emojis continue to be ridiculously popular, with users constantly clamoring for more. As such, the addition of over three dozen new icons is cause for celebration. Now, it's just a matter of which emoji to use to convey this level of excitement.
Siri users also get something new with iOS 15.4: a 5th voice for Apple's personal voice assistant. It's meant to sound more gender-neutral. While not everyone will be impressed, it's nice to freshen up the Siri experience from time to time.

Apple Pay Improvements

Paying with a phone is easy and convenient, but sometimes it's a little lax in the security department. Apple has improved that aspect of Apple Pay by adding an extra layer of security.
Accessing Apple Pay via a double-tap of the side button now brings up an authentication screen. Users will need to use FaceID or enter a passcode in order to view their Apple Pay details.

New Contactless Payments

Contactless pay is a great feature for small business owners or even some gig workers. Now, anyone with an iPhone running iOS 15.4 can utilize a contactless system. While a truly cashless economy is not likely anytime soon, it's nice to see Apple giving consumers more options for how they can accept payments.

Apple Podcast Improvements

While third-party podcast apps will always offer more features and settings, Apple's podcast player remains solid. Recent additions make it possible to filter episodes of specific shows according to play status. It's also easier to sort through various seasons — fantastic news for long-running podcasts that have hundreds of episodes to dig through.

No More Annoying Automation Notifications

Crafty iPhone users can automate certain tasks on their phones through the Shortcuts app. For example, users can set their devices to play specific songs every Friday morning at sunrise.
Previously, each time an automated task was carried out, an annoying notification popped up. Not anymore, thanks to iOS 15.4. Now, you can silence these notifications for good — a welcomed change for digital minimalists.

Support for PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller Adaptive Triggers

The most surprising feature in the iOS 15.4 update could be a big deal for hardcore gamers. This upgrade relates to Sony's DualSense controller, which has proven a hit with PlayStation 5 owners due to its awesome adaptive triggers.
While iOS devices support these Bluetooth controllers, support for the triggers was absent until now. It will be exciting to see if any developers utilize this support in interesting ways — or if it is quickly forgotten.
There's a lot to like about the newest update to iOS, even if there are no truly groundbreaking features. As usual, it all comes down to a variety of small, useful tweaks that, over time, deliver an improved iPhone experience. Sometimes, incremental improvements are best.

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