Smartphone Warranties: Everything You Need to Know

We rely on our cell phones for everything from keeping in touch with loved ones to sending out vital business documents. Protecting it should be a priority whenever you invest money in purchasing a new smartphone. Purchasing an Upsie smartphone subscription warranty helps by making sure you don’t have to pay a lot of money for repairs or a new phone if you accidentally damage your current one.

What is an Upsie Smartphone Extended Warranty?

Extended warranties offer additional coverage and protection for essential electronic devices. Upsie smartphone warranties protect against accidents and manufacturing defects, and they cost only $9.99 per month.
Upsie warranty prices come out lower every time when you compare them to big box retailers and carriers that mark up their warranties by as much as 900% to increase profit margins! You should consider purchasing an Upsie extended warranty if you’re dealing with a limited budget or want peace of mind. Not having the coverage would put you in a position where you’re dealing with expensive repairs or the cost of a replacement with no assistance.

Can’t I Just Rely On My Manufacturer’s Warranty?

The typical manufacturer’s warranty lasts anywhere from 90 days to one year. They also limit any potential liability to manufacturing defects. That means you’re out of luck if you accidentally drop your phone in the driveway and crack your screen.
Even if the manufacturer’s warranty covers certain damage, they may limit where you can take your phone for repairs. That means your only option is to send it directly to them and wait weeks for a decision instead of taking it to a trusted local repair shop. Upsie extended warranties allow customers to choose where they have repairs made.

Do I Save Money With an Upsie Smartphone Extended Warranty?

Yes! Upsie’s Smartphone Subscription Warranty plans cost only $9.99 per month. If you crack your screen, the deductible costs $0! The deductible for other damage costs $109, and the deductible for a replacement costs $149. Compare that to deductibles at major cell phone carriers, which reach as high as $275.

Does an Upsie Smartphone Extended Warranty Cover Against Accidents and Spills?

Yes and yes. Upsie smartphone extended warranties cover any accidents or liquid spills that damage your phone. They also cover issues related to accidental submersion in water.

What Else Do Upsie Extended Warranty Plans Cover?

Upsie plans offer protection for the following incidents:
  • Battery failure — They will repair or replace a failure of the battery and power source. That includes wiring around the battery and any shorts.
  • Touch screen issues — Upsie covers fixes for issues related to an unresponsive or unusable touch screen.
  • Camera problems — Upsie smartphone extended warranties cover problems with camera mechanical malfunctions.
  • Headphone jack failure — Customers can file claims for issues with the headphone jack that affect sound quality, volume control, and microphone usage.
  • Audio issues — Audio and speaker issues related to manufacturing defects are covered.
  • WiFi failure — Upsie smartphone extended warranties pay to fix problems related to manufacturing defects or drops that cause WiFi connectivity issues.
  • Bluetooth problems — Upsie plans cover any issues affecting Bluetooth sensors and connectivity.

What If I Don’t Purchase a Smartphone Extended Warranty Right Away?

Upsie allows you to purchase a smartphone subscription warranty anytime! That means you can protect a phone you just bought, or a phone you’ve had for years, as long as it is not already broken.

How Long Do Upsie Smartphone Extended Warranties Last?

Upsie subscription warranties last for up to 5 years from the date of purchase. If your phone was purchased in the last 30 days, and you upload a valid receipt, you can make a claim anytime. If your phone is over 30 days old, there is a 90 day waiting period after you purchase your plan before you can make a claim. (They hope to waive that waiting period soon!)
The greatest part of Upsie’s smartphone warranties is that you can protect phones of any age that have no current damage. That includes recently repaired, refurbished and used phones.

How Does the Claims Process Work?

Our claims team works with you to understand the issue and find the right repair solution. You have the option of sending your device in to their certified repair shop or getting a repair done locally - often same day. Cracked screen repairs are covered up to $250 at no cost to you. Other repairs costs a $109 deductible and cover up to $350 in damage. You can make two claims per rolling 12 month period.

Can I Cancel My Smartphone Extended Warranty?

Yes. You receive a full refund if you cancel your plan within 30 days without filing a claim. After that, you can cancel your subscription warranty anytime and it will conclude at the end of the month that you cancel it in. Upsie does not provide refunds if you’ve had a claim approved.
Sign up for a smartphone extended warranty today on our website. Call the friendly Upsie reps at (877) 844-7745 or ask us a question on Twitter or Facebook if you need more information.

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