Moto G20: Find Out About Important Specs and Details

Just a few days ago, The Verge released details about the Moto G20. In particular, they highlighted the modest price, large battery, and 90Hz screen. Right now, Motorola only has the G20 for sale in Europe. They only have somewhat more expensive options in the United States.
At the same time, LG's announcement that they're leaving the cell phone market appears to leave the low-price cell phone market wide open for more competition. It's possible that Motorola may release the G20 or a similar model in the United States later.
Learn more about the specs and details of this affordable Motorola smartphone.

Specs and Details for the Moto G20

Motorola plans to set a retail price in Europe of €149, or about $180. Even though the company markets some affordable cell phones in the US, they appeared to reserve the lowest price for this device. Even though a low-priced phone like this would probably find a market in the United States, news about Motorola seems to suggest they're focusing on high-end, flagship phones here.
A summary of the details about this new phone makes it look like the G20 offers a good value for its low retail price. For instance, these are highlights of the Moto G20 specs:
  • Main camera: 48MP
  • Ultrawide camera: 8MP
  • Selfie camera: 13MP
  • Depth-sensing camera: 2MP
  • Screen: 720p, 6.5 inch LCD with a 90Hz refresh rate
  • Battery: 5,000mAh
  • Operating system: Android 11
  • Storage: 64GB or 128GB with optional microSD expansion
People familiar with Moto's other G-Series phones might expect it to include a Snapdragon chip. However, the G20 comes with the Unisoc T700 for processing. Users might not enjoy a high-performance experience with the Moto G20. At the same time, it appears to offer a decent choice with a surprisingly good screen and cameras for the price.

How to Protect a New Moto G-Series Phone

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How to Get an Upsie Moto Warranty

To get started, visit the Motorola phone extended warranty page. View transparent details and pricing, buy and register the warranty, and enjoy peace of mind from knowing any issues can get repaired quickly.
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