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According to Tom's Guide, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 should win over the most skeptical critics of previous foldable phones. Even by the standards of premium phones, many consumers will still find it pricey, with a retail price of about $1,800.
Still, Samsung debuted the Fold 3 for $200 less than its predecessors, and at the same time, the company made lots of improvements to its overall design and durability. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 costs a lot but probably offers the best option for a foldable phone on the market today.

Why Invest in a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3?

Highlights of improvements to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 over the Fold 2 include:
  • Samsung earned a rating for IPX8 water resistance, making this smartphone capable of withstanding splashes and even occasional dunking.
  • The 7.6-inch, 120Hz dual-screen display should appear up to 30-percent brighter so that it offers a better experience outdoors under bright sunlight than the Fold 2.
  • The screen supports an S Pen and includes a taskbar to pin favorite apps.
  • Samsung gave the Fold 3 an Armor Aluminum body, a Gorilla Glass Victus display, and a PET protective film to resist drops or scratches.
The newer phone also measures slightly thinner when open or closed. The Fold 3 will still feel large and bulky when compared to a typical smartphone, but most phones can't provide a tablet-sized display.

Drawbacks to the Galaxy Z Fold 3

Some consumers may feel disappointed to learn that, even though this smartphone supports an S Pen, Samsung does not include one in the box. They don't even package the phone with a charger. Samsung also did not upgrade the device's camera over the previous model.
Even though the manufacturer did improve the phone's durability, prudent smartphone owners will probably invest in a phone case. This addition will make the Fold 3 considerably bulkier, so it's not so easy to stuff in a pocket.
Finally, the large display consumes a lot of power. Users might get about eight hours of typical use out of their smartphone on a charge. Other premium phone batteries last longer.

What's the Best Way to Protect a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3?

The Flip 3 comes with a relatively high price tag, even compared to other premium phones. At the same time, it offers a fold-out display that's more comparable to a high-quality tablet computer than a typical smartphone. For some consumers, the features of this phone make it ideal for productivity, school, entertainment, and gaming.
After investing several hundred dollars and beginning to rely upon this foldable phone, nobody wants to suffer the expense and inconvenience of needing repairs. Even though Samsung has an excellent reputation for making durable phones, these highly portable devices can sustain damage fairly easily. That's why buyers should get a Z Fold 3 Warranty.
According to Market Watch, screen repairs for the fold-out screen can cost as much as $600. In comparison, you can buy a new mid-priced smartphone for the same cost. The publication also found that screen damage ranked first as the most common source of repairs to this phone. Prudent Fold 3 owners can purchase an affordable Upsie smartphone subscription warranty to protect the screen, case, and internal components.
Upsie's warranty plans ensure prompt, high-quality repairs from certified local or mail-in service centers. Additionally, Upsie has live representatives available 24 hours per day to process claims. This protection gives Flip 3 phone owners the peace of mind to use their sophisticated devices without worry.
Some examples of damage include accidental drops, premature wear, and even defects that show up after the initial warranty ends.  When repairs don't make sense on the first claim, Upsie will replace the phone. Most people would prefer to keep their cell phone free from damage, but accidents happen, and when they do, Upsie has your back.

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