Is an Extended Grill Warranty Worth It?

In 2022, the average outdoor grill cost between $100 and $400. However, higher-end models can easily cost $1,500 or more. With this being a sizable investment, should you stick with the basic manufacturer warranty? Or is it better to get an extended grill warranty?
Let’s find out.

How Long Does an Average Outdoor Grill Last?

While the lifespan can vary depending on materials, brand, maintenance, etc., most outdoor grills will last from 5 to 15 years. So, on average, you can expect a grill to last around a decade.

How Long is a Manufacturer Grill Warranty?

There can be a big disparity in manufacturer warranties. Some high-end companies like Weber have ridiculously long warranties lasting up to 10 years. Others like Memphis Wood Fire Grills have long warranties of up to seven years.
But for most basic grills that cost $400 or less, the warranty is much shorter, with many only lasting one year.

What Does a Manufacturer Warranty Cover?

Again, this varies. Some high-end brands like Weber cover multiple parts of an outdoor grill, such as the stainless steel burner tubes, steel cooking grates, and electrical components. If, however, we’re talking about a low to mid-range product, it’s usually just defects in material and workmanship that are covered.
In other words, unless you buy an outdoor grill from a high-end brand, you’re likely to get one year of coverage for basic product defects. But that’s usually where it ends.

How Long is an Extended Grill Warranty?

Upsie offers two-year and three-year extended grill warranties. This coverage overlaps with the manufacturer warranty. Then, once the manufacturer warranty expires, Upsie takes over full coverage.
So rather than just having one year as you would with many manufacturer warranties, you can extend it for up to three years for much longer protection.

What Does Extended Coverage Cover?

One reason why many consumers choose extended coverage is because it’s more robust than a basic manufacturer warranty. Besides merely covering defects, for instance, Upsie’s protection includes mechanical failure and power failure, so you’re covered across the board.

How Much Does Extended Protection Cost?

This depends on two main factors — the brand and full retail price. Let’s say you want to protect a Weber grill that costs between $350 and $499.99. As of August 2022, a two-year Upsie warranty with no deductible would be $57.99, while a three-year warranty would be $91.99.
Or let’s say you want to protect a KitchenAid grill priced between $200 and $269.99. A two-year Upsie warranty with no deductible would be $26.99, while a three-year warranty would be $39.99.

The Bottom Line: Does an Extended Grill Warranty Make Sense?

Let’s recap. A basic outdoor grill will typically run you between $100 to $400. But higher-end models can cost much more, with many priced at over $1,500. Your choice ultimately depends on 1) how much you paid for your grill and 2) how long the manufacturer warranty is.
If, for example, you bought a high-end grill and have a lengthy manufacturer warranty of five years or more, an extended grill warranty probably won’t be necessary. Likewise, if you bought a cheaper grill at only $100, extended coverage will probably not be worth the cost.
If, however, you bought a mid to high-end grill and have a “bare bones” manufacturer warranty of just one year, you’ll definitely want an extended grill warranty to protect your investment. This is especially true if you spent $500 or more. And even if it’s a lesser investment of $200 to $300, extended coverage is worth considering because you’ll spend less on the warranty than on a repair or replacement if something goes wrong.
Not to mention you have complete peace of mind.

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