The Best Ryobi Power Tool Warranty

Ryobi creates a wide range of durable but affordable power tools, making them a very popular brand for craftspeople of all expertise levels. Ryobi makes power tools for nearly every project, from drills, buffers, soldering irons, and saws.
Although Ryobi tools are made to be durable, there is still a chance that they could experience mechanical damage and break. After all, power tools are made up of many tiny, moving parts, and nothing is perfectly made. An extended Ryobi power tool warranty is the best way to protect your new power tools. And choosing a warranty that will save you money and provide total peace of mind is crucial.

Benefits of a Power Tool Extended Warrant

Ryobi tools are made to be affordable, but if your power tool breaks, you’ll be caught paying a repair fee or purchasing a new drill. Even if you only pay about $100 for a drill, that’s still another $100 you’d have to spend to replace it. However, if you purchase a no-deductible power tool warranty plan like Upsie’s, you can get your power tool repaired without paying a repair fee.
An extended warranty will protect your power tools for longer, so you don’t have to replace them frequently. As a result, you’ll be able to use your tools to their full lifespan, saving you more money in the long run.
However, many retailers’ warranty plans are overpriced for the coverage they offer, so they don’t end up really saving you money in the long run. And some warranty plans limit the number of claims you can make in a warranty period. Not all extended warranty plans are the same, so it’s important to find the one that is the most affordable and convenient.

Why Upsie Has the Best Power Tool Warranty

Upsie combats overly expensive and complicated extended warranties by offering plans with great coverage that can save customers up to 70% (when compared to prices from competitors). Upsie prioritizes providing coverage for the lowest possible prices with the best customer service and most convenient claims process. That’s why Upsie has the best Ryobi power tool warranty.
Two years of coverage for a $99 Ryobi One+ 18V drill costs just $7.99. A 3-year plan would only cost $10.99. And there’s no deductible!
A warranty plan from Upsie will protect your drill from mechanical damage and defects, power failure, and cooling issues. And if you give or sell your tool during the warranty period, you can transfer the warranty coverage to them as well.
If you need coverage for a more expensive tool, like the $399 Ryobi One+ Brushless Table Saw Kit, a 2-year Upsie warranty plan costs $57.99, and a 3-year plan costs $91.99. That’s still a great price, but it may be difficult for some to pay upfront. No worries! Upsie partners with Klarna to provide customers with an easy payment plan option. With Klarna, you can split your purchase into four easy, interest-free payments.

Filing a Claim With Upsie

In addition to great prices and complete coverage, Upsie also provides the best customer service and easiest claims process. If your power tool breaks, you can file a claim any day or any time by filling out an online form or calling the Upsie claim center. Upsie’s call center is open 24/7/365. And your call will be answered by a dedicated customer service representative who can walk you through the claims process.
After Upsie approves your claim, a claims representative will help you schedule a repair. For power tools that cost less than $500, Upsie will simply send you a replacement at no cost. For small tools that cost more than $500, you can take them to a local certified repair shop. You can also send them to Upsie’s repair center with free 2-day round trip shipping. In addition, Upsie will help you schedule an in-home repair for larger tools at a time convenient for you.

Choose Upsie for All Your Warranty Needs

Not only does Upsie have the best power tool warranty, but it also has affordable warranty plans for almost every major device. From lawnmowers to laptops and TVs to headphones, Upsie has you covered. So before you add a retailer’s warranty to your cart when shopping for electronics, check out Upsie’s comprehensive warranty offerings. Then choose Upsie to protect all of your favorite devices with low costs and convenient claims.

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