Is a Vacuum Cleaner Warranty Worth It?

Vacuum cleaners make it easier to keep your home clean, especially if you have carpeted floors. Some vacuums even come equipped with mopping or carpet-washing features for an all-in-one cleaning solution. However, like all appliances, vacuum cleaners can experience defects. So, is a vacuum cleaner extended warranty worth it?

Do Vacuum Cleaners Come With Warranties?

Most vacuum cleaners sold by the manufacturer or a partnered retailer come with a limited warranty. The limited warranty length and coverage depend on the manufacturer; however, most companies offer a similar warranty.

Here’s what you can expect from your vacuum cleaner limited warranty:

  • Term length: Most manufacturers offer a one-year or two-year limited warranty term. For high-end products, you might see a three-year warranty. However, most warranty terms are about 12 months.
  • Coverage: Almost all limited warranties only cover manufacturing defects. If there is a problem with your product that isn’t a result of a manufacturing defect, the limited warranty won’t cover it.
  • Price: Limited warranties are included with the product. You should never have to pay for limited warranty coverage.
  • Repairs: Depending on the manufacturer, you may be able to take your vacuum to a repair shop. Other manufacturers may require you to mail the product to a specialized store. Most companies should cover the shipping costs, but it’s not guaranteed.

Although the limited warranty is essential, you should never rely on it for full coverage. Since it lasts just 12 months, the limited warranty leaves your vacuum unprotected for years of use. Instead, you should consider purchasing an extended warranty to guarantee your vacuum cleaner from damage.

Upsie offers the best extended warranties on the market. They are affordable, comprehensive, and intuitive.

What Does an Upsie Vacuum Extended Warranty Cover?

Upsie’s vacuum cleaner warranties are comprehensive. They cover a wide range of defects and damage to ensure that your vacuum stays in the best shape possible during the warranty term.

Here’s what you can expect your Upsie extended warranty to cover:

  • Mechanical failure: This includes non-accidental failure of motors, computer chips, internal moving parts, and more.
  • Power failure: Upsie covers power failure, shorts, and internal cord replacement.
  • Heating and cooling issues: If your device malfunctions and is unable to heat up or cool down, Upsie has your back.
  • Drain failure: For vacuums that include carpet cleaning and drainage, Upsie will cover any damage that results from drainage failure.
  • Manufacturing defects: Upsie extends the coverage you receive from the manufacturer’s warranty as well.

Upsie has three repair options: local repairs, shipped repairs, and replacement. For local repairs, customers can take their vacuum to an approved high-quality repair provider and receive compensation for all Upsie-approved repairs. Another option is to take advantage of Upsie’s free two-day shipping to Upsie’s certified repair center. Finally, if the vacuum can’t be repaired on the first claim, then Upsie will offer a replacement vacuum.

How Much Do Vacuum Cleaner Extended Warranties Cost?

If you purchase your vacuum cleaner extended warranty from Upsie, you’ll pay up to 70% less than if you purchase the warranty elsewhere. That’s because Upsie cuts out the costs of intermediaries and passes on the savings to the customers.

For example, a two-year warranty for the premium $899 Dyson vacuum cleaner costs just $44.99. A three-year Upsie warranty costs $86.99. Compare this to Best Buy’s Geek Squad. The Geek Squad’s three-year warranty for the same vacuum cleaner costs $129.99. You save $43 by choosing Upsie instead.

Another example: a two-year warranty for a $199 Bissell vacuum cleaner costs just $18.99, and a three-year warranty costs $35.99. The Geek Squad’s protection would cost $44.99 for three years. Upsie’s warranty is 22% more affordable!

You save money when you purchase your warranty protection with Upsie. Plus, Upsie’s warranties put the customer first: they can make 24/7/365 unlimited claims up to the appliance’s purchase price. In addition, Upsie’s vacuum warranties have no deductibles.

Are Vacuum Cleaner Warranties Worth It?

A vacuum cleaner warranty is always worth it. By purchasing a warranty for your vacuum cleaner, you guarantee the device against damage. So, if something goes wrong, you can easily get it repaired without paying anything out of pocket.

You can purchase an Upsie warranty for vacuum cleaners bought in the last 60 days. Also, consider purchasing an Upsie warranty for your large appliances bought in the last 11 months. To learn more, visit today.

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