Three Appliance Purchase Options to Consider

From washers and dryers to refrigerators and ovens, we all rely on appliances. Today, they’re central to day-to-day life in any modern home. The same is true of all manner for both small and more major appliances alike.
Primarily a staple in our kitchens and laundry rooms, they’re largely essential pieces of household equipment. But where’s the best place to buy these all-important appliances? We take a closer look at the three main appliance purchase options to find out.

1. Direct From the Manufacturer

Most major appliance manufacturers now offer direct-to-consumer sales. Once upon a time, this wasn’t typically an option. Instead, customers had to deal almost exclusively with third-party retailers. In fact, for many people, that’s still the go-to approach for buying appliances.
So, why deal directly with manufacturers? Millions of people now do so every year, and with good reason. Stock is rarely an issue when dealing directly with manufacturers. Appliances are invariably ready to ship, so an order can be at your door within as little as 24-48 hours. By going directly to the manufacturer, there’s another major benefit, too.

End-of-Line Discounts

End-of-line products are often heavily discounted. Associated manufacturer discounts can far exceed those offered by retailers, even for identical products. In this instance, buying directly from the manufacturer may save customers a small fortune. However, on a regular basis, products are less likely to be discounted by manufacturers than by retailers. As such, the latter may represent a cheaper option overall.

Extended Warranty Protection

Another benefit of buying straight from manufacturers is direct access to their extended warranty packages. Extended warranty protection is an important consideration when purchasing any major appliance. Yet, while manufacturers’ extended warranty solutions are often comprehensive, they’re also extremely pricey in many cases.
Of course, customers can always purchase goods directly from a manufacturer before shopping around elsewhere for extended warranty coverage. Upsie, for example, offers independent major appliance warranties designed to safeguard against defects, internal leaks, and more. The best part? The cost less than plans sold by manufacturers.
As a result, a combination of the two can represent a great way to secure a deal on new appliances. Heavily discounted end-of-line stock covered by a third-party warranty offers both outstanding value and cost-effective peace of mind.

2. Via a Leading Third-Party Supplier

Online or in-store, arguably the most popular way to buy appliances is through a leading third-party supplier. Examples include big-box stores such as Best Buy, Home Depot, and Lowes, as well as online retailers like Amazon. Price wars are common as these companies look to compete with one another. With that, significant savings can often be secured, especially on major appliances.

Discounts and Incentives

The same companies are also typically vying for identical customers. Coupled together, discounts and other incentives provided by these sellers to attract buyers can result in a fantastic deal.
With any appliance, extended warranty coverage is pertinent, regardless of where a product is purchased. Most big-box stores offer their own packages, as do some online retailers.
While these may be cheaper than those offered by manufacturers, it’s important to study the level of coverage they offer. Less expensive coverage is of little use if the protection provided is lacking in comparison. Here, a manufacturer’s comprehensive extended warranty may be a safer bet.

Added Direct-to-Consumer Protection

Alternatively, buyers can lock in independent direct-to-consumer protection. With Upsie, customers receive coverage that’s comparable or superior to manufacturers’ extended warranty packages. This coverage, however, is offered at prices that are up to 70% lower by cutting out unnecessary mark-ups and middlemen.
Again, consider combining the benefits by buying appliances from big-box and other third-party retailers, substantial discounts can be had. Coupled with further savings on independent warranty coverage, it’s an excellent way to cash in while simultaneously safeguarding against future problems.

3. From an Independent Local Retailer

A third, and in this case, final, consideration should be independent local retailers. The pros and cons here are clear-cut. Best of all, the pros, in particular, of choosing an independent local retailer are both significant and abundant.

Friendly Face-to-Face Service

First off, you’re dealing face-to-face with local business owners and their staff. Likely conversing with each other on a first-name basis, it’s a wonderful way to shop. Furthermore, you’re supporting the local economy.
Secondly, you have a direct point of contact. No online forms to fill out or call centers to negotiate. Instead, there’s an individual at the end of the telephone who knows you and is always happy to help.

Same Day Delivery

Similarly, a third benefit of purchasing appliances in this way relates to delivery. Local retailers with goods in stock can often deliver almost instantly with no need to wait for shipping. Instead, they may even be able to drop off your new washer, dryer, refrigerator, or oven within the hour. Benefits such as these are advantageous if you’re looking for expert help or need an item in a hurry.

Potential Downsides

Chief among these, perhaps, is price. Independent local retailers are unlikely to be in a position to discount as heavily as manufacturers, big-box stores, and online brands such as Amazon.
All told, it’s something of a trade-off. If saving money is less important than dealing face-to-face with a supplier, a local retailer could be a perfect choice.
Another potential downside is the lack of access to ongoing warranty protection. Independent local retailers may provide maintenance and repairs, but they’re less likely to offer formal extended warranties or insurance coverage.
Thankfully, Upsie is on hand once again to help protect appliances purchased from these and similar outlets. Upsie’s coverage is comprehensive and perfectly complements the service provided by local retailers in individuals’ hometowns and cities.
Major appliance extended warranty coverage from Upsie even includes convenient in-home repairs carried out by certified local technicians.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Appliances?

Precisely where’s best to buy appliances ultimately comes down to individual preferences and circumstances.
Looking for a substantial discount? Consider end-of-line sale items direct from manufacturers. Seeking a deal on one specific model? Shop around online and in-store at the big-name retailers. Passionate about supporting the local economy or need an appliance today? Be sure not to overlook the businesses selling appliances in your local area.
Remember, though, whichever route you take, to protect your appliance purchase with an extended warranty.
Comprehensive five-year coverage with Upsie costs up to 70% less than warranties sold elsewhere. Upsie’s extended warranty packages offer unparalleled protection against defects, internal leaks, and more. Various solutions are available for all major appliances purchased in the last 11 months.
If an appliance malfunctions, customers can call Upsie 24/7 to make a claim. Once approved, a repair appointment will be scheduled without delay, affording total peace of mind both now and in the future.

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