How to Select a New Washer and Dryer

Choosing the right washer and dryer can help your clothes stay clean and fresh for longer. However, how do you start the process of picking a washer and dryer? The market features various brands, styles, models, and specifications. For many, this can feel overwhelming.
Today’s washers and dryers do more than ever before, and you’ll need to determine what you need. You can fulfill part of that task by setting your budget and choosing from a few favorite brands, but you still have a long way to go exploring this competitive market.
Let’s look at some things to consider to help you select your new washer and dryer and an extended household appliance warranty to last you several years.

Starting Your Search for a New Washer and Dryer Set

Perhaps you’ve owned your current or previous washer and dryer for several years. If that is the case, you might be surprised at the fantastic array of options available today. However, the main thing you want is a good pair of machines that will get your clothes clean weekly or several times a week for several years.
Of course, you should research and find out what’s available and what fits your needs and budget best since these must-have appliances are expensive and often complicated.

What Types of Washer and Dryer Sets Are Available?

As noted, there are many different types of washer and dryer sets available, but let’s start with the first choice you’ll make: front loader versus top loader versus washer-dryer combos.

Front Loading Washer and Dryer Machines

One main advantage of selecting a front loading set is that it is frequently stackable. While not technically a matched set, you can often put one on top of the other to save space, as long as you choose the same dimensions for both.
Another plus to front loaders is that, while frequently more expensive than top loaders, they are usually more energy-efficient and can fit more clothes per load.
Most experts agree that the only downside to selecting a front-loader is the upfront cost. Therefore, if your budget is tight, you might have to go with a top-loading machine for the sake of economic well-being.
If you are interested in a front-loader, here are some additional features you might enjoy:
  • Displays that alert users regarding the remaining cycle time and status
  • Electronic controls that make it easier and faster to choose the right cycles
  • Special dispensers that release detergent, scent boosters, fabric softener, and bleach at the right time during the cycle

Top Loading Washer and Dryer Sets

Top loading machines retain their traditional stature, but most come with a new twist. The new, impeller-driven machines actually do all the twisting, rather than the older models that featured stick agitators.
With the impellers, your clothes only meet with centrifugal force, leaving them less beaten during each wash, meaning they will last longer. Therefore, while not as efficient as front-loading machines, these washers will keep your favorite clothes in good condition for much longer.
However, these appliances often have deeper tubs. So before you buy, make sure you can easily reach the bottom to fetch the last of your laundry load without losing balance.

Combo Washer And Dryer Sets aka Stackables

These sets are ideal for consumers who have limited space in their homes or apartments. Therefore, if you have a smaller setup, a stackable set might work perfectly for you.
According to Digital Trends, you can often squeeze these units into a narrow closet or the corner of your bathroom or kitchen. The obvious downside is that you might need to do multiple smaller laundry loads each week, and you probably won’t be able to wash comforters or rugs in your combined set.

Extra Features You Might Consider

Many of today’s latest high-tech features are a little over-the-top for individuals who simply want clean clothes. However, it’s becoming more frequent for middle-budgets washers and dryers to include high-tech features. As a result, you might find yourself buying a washer and dryer set with Wi-Fi connectivity when the thought had never occurred to you to do so.
Here are some extras you might encounter during your search:
  • An “emergency door” hatch to add clothes you forgot when starting your front-load washer
  • Steam dry option for removing wrinkles
  • Sensor wash for spotless clothes
  • Automatic tumble settings

Protect Your Washer and Dryer with an Upsie Extended Warranty

Regardless of which type, brand, and size washer and dryer you buy, it is an expensive purchase that you want to protect. Your washer and dryer may experience connectivity issues, manufacturing defects, heating and cooling issues, or drain failure. Without an extended warranty, these repairs are costly.
Instead of paying for upfront repairs, protect your washer and dryer with an extended warranty from Upsie. Upsie’s warranties offer unlimited repairs up to the purchase price of the appliance and don’t include deductibles for large appliances. As a result, you get the most out of every Upsie warranty. Best of all, Upsie costs up to 70 percent less than warranties sold by manufacturers or retailers.
Customers can purchase an Upsie warranty for washers and dryers bought in the last 11 months.

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