Should You Buy a Warranty for Your Keurig Machine

Keurig machines are a luxury item that helps get your day off to the right start. However, like any small appliance, Keurig machines are vulnerable to damage. One clear way to protect your Keurig device is to buy an extended appliance warranty that adds to the life and quality of the original manufacturer’s warranty.
It makes sense for you to weigh your options for the best choice. So let’s look at the Keurig machine and determine whether it’s a good idea to buy a warranty or not.

Is a Keurig Machine a High-Quality Product?

The Keurig has been around for nearly 30 years. However, it is far more than a standard coffee pot for some coffee lovers. Instead, it is a home-based, personal coffee brewing system they couldn’t live without.
The Keurig company was founded in 1993 by a couple of coffee fanatics who needed high-quality coffee to function and thrive. But they wanted a high-impact, single-serving option.
An engineering team created a venture-capital funded startup they called Keurig to fill this need people hadn’t yet realized they needed: the single-cup coffee brewer for the home. They decided to go with the name Keurig because they misunderstood it to mean “excellence” when it actually means “neat” or “proper.” Those actually encapsulate the concept just as well. People could enjoy a neat and proper single cup of coffee instead of making a whole pot, causing them to drink too much or leave it to waste.
Over the past three decades, coffee drinkers have flocked to this product for convenience and high-quality coffee. But the selling point is always the convenience, and people have no problem spending money on this luxury, especially since the mini brewing pods, known as K-Cups, come in all sorts of roasts and flavors.

Is the Keurig Machine the Right Coffee Solution for You?

Of course, that is a question that only you can ask, ultimately. When considering a Keurig machine, most people ask: “Is it worth it?” It’s a fair question since the cost is frequently $200 or more.
For many, that’s a big investment for a small kitchen appliance. However, it is for coffee. And if you love your morning cup of joe brewed personally, there’s nothing wrong with a little indulgence.
Most people who buy Keurigs are either serious coffee drinkers or the only coffee drinkers in the household. Why make a full pot of coffee for one person? Further, the idea mimics stopping by your favorite coffee shop on the way to work, but ultimately and fortunately, it is a long-term win in terms of savings. Once you start to compare the costs of a Keurig you can own for several years with good upkeep and an excellent extended warranty, the choice is clear.
It often comes down to two factors as to whether buying a Keurig is a good idea for anyone:
  • Choosing a high-quality machine
  • Understanding that a Keurig needs care, maintenance, and an insurance plan
Coffee Stylish notes that Keurigs aren’t really built to be lifetime investments, and some are downright flimsy, as some manufacturers try to cash in on people’s passion for caffeine. But that is true for so many products, so you need to shop carefully and know how to care for and maintain your special coffee maker.

Keurig Makers Do Not Offer a Lifetime Warranty Guarantee

With the many new Keurigs on the market every year—and often multiple releases per year—you might think they would offer some sort of lifetime guarantee, but that is not the case. However, like most product manufacturers, the company does offer a limited lifetime warranty for all coffee makers registered on their website.
The Keurig short-term warranty lasts for one year and only applies to registered coffee makers. Unfortunately, this warranty does not apply to coffee makers purchased second-hand. Fortunately, top-selling warranty providers often provide coverage for used and refurbished machines, so make sure to ask your provider about this option.
It’s always worth working to extend the life of your product investments, especially for something meant to boost productivity and provide a great wake-up call.

The Right Small Appliance Warranty Makes Sense for the Keurig

With Upsie, you can protect your Keurig with an affordable two-year or three-year warranty with no deductible. The chance to protect your investment can extend the life of your machine for several years.
Upsie’s small appliance warranties protect from manufacturing defects, power failures, heating and cooling problems, and more. In addition, customers gain access to a network of certified repair technicians. With Upsie, customers can also make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the machine. Best of all, Upsie is affordable and costs up to 70 percent less than warranties from manufacturers or retailers.
Contact the Upsie team to learn more about small appliance extended warranties that ensure peace of mind.

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