3 Best High-End Ranges under $5,000

People around the world started cooking and baking more during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately updating outdated appliances to increase your cooking game was tough with the supply chain shortage. But now is the perfect time to update the elements of your home that you couldn't before.
Renovating or updating your kitchen is usually the biggest bang for your renovation buck because it increases your home value. It also makes sense because many of us are cooking way more than we used to.
When you update your kitchen, it’ll be time for new appliances. Instead of picking up a new conventional range from the local big box store, why not treat yourself to something a little nicer? Here are Upsie’s three top picks for high-end ranges under $5000.

Why Invest in a High-End Range?

First, why invest in a high-end range at all? The first thing most people notice are the luxury finishes, and sure, those are nice. If you’re going for a certain style in your kitchen, a particular high-end range may simply be more in line with your chosen aesthetic. But there’s much more to high-end ranges than looks.
High-end ranges are generally larger, offering you more cooking space. This is great when you're cooking for a crowd, especially if guests are bringing dishes that will need oven space. They also offer features you just can’t get in standard ranges, like in-oven rotisseries, built-in refrigeration, and built-in grills. Beyond simply adding capabilities, high-end ranges can improve your cooking by giving you more options. If you enjoy cooking, chances are you’ll enjoy it more with a high-end range.
High-end brands trade on their reputation, meaning their appliances tend to last longer. You’re also likely to get superior customer service and repairability.

Top Brands to Consider

If you’re looking for a high-end range, here are the top brands and models to consider.


This luxury appliance brand was started in 1958 in Italy between the well-known cities of Venice and Verona. They are well known throughout Europe for  being stylish and durable. Every Verona range is designed for better heat transfer and distribution, as well as a consistent temperature throughout for better results.
One of their best selling models is the 36" Prestige Gas Double Oven Range. It comes in four different styles and finishes and you can choose between a single or double oven and dual fuel or gas. Arguably one of the best features of Verona gas ranges is the flame failure features that automatically shuts off the gas if the flame goes out.

Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel has been around since 1934 and is well known as a manufacturer of premium appliances. The company was acquired in 2012 by Haier Group, and it continues to thrive under new ownership.
Consumer Reports ranks the OR30SCG4X1 Range as a top pro-style gas range in the 30-inch size. Two of the four burners are high-powered, and you’ll find pro-level cast iron grates here. Like some of the others, there’s a convection mode here and heavy, industrial grade stainless steel construction.
This oven is a great fit if you’re an experienced cook, but perhaps not so much if you’re less experienced. Novices will notice the missing temperature markings on the dials, while pros don’t really use them. Also of note: there’s no self-cleaning function here.


Miele is an established company with German roots that provides high-end appliances across a full spectrum of categories. Many of their ranges occupy a conventional sized footprint, making them ideal for light renovations where you can’t increase space for the range.
Good Housekeeping names the Miele HR1124G Freestanding Gas Range as the “Best Professional Style Gas Range,” and we tend to agree. It’s a pro-style range that fits in a conventional 30" footprint, perfect if you don’t have extra space for a larger unit. It also boasts a self-cleaning function with dishwasher-safe grates. With four burners, 4.63 cubic feet of oven space, and a twin convection fan oven and five operating modes, this is an impressive range.

Protecting Your High-End Range

A high-end range is a great investment in your home and your quality of life. But make no mistake: it’s an investment. And while most high-end ranges come with generous manufacturer warranties and quality service plans, you still want to be sure and protect your investment. You don’t want to be on the hook to replace your expensive range, should something unexpectedly go wrong just after your warranty ends.
Your appliance retailer may offer you an extended protection plan on your high-end range, but in most cases the price tag will be pretty painful. We’re here to tell you there’s a better way.
When you choose an extended appliance warranty from Upsie, you get the same levels of coverage that you’d get from a luxury or big box retailer, but at much more reasonable rates. With Upsie, you can choose from 3 years or 5 years of protection from defects, internal leaks and more, for less than you’d expect. Check out Upsie’s extended warranties on high-end ranges today.

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