Compare Appliance Warranties: Upsie Versus Allstate

New appliances always appear to run perfectly fine until three days after the manufacturer’s warranty ends. No, manufacturers don’t build in timers to break their products as soon as the contract expires and frees them from an obligation to fix problems, but sometimes it looks that way. Here’s a comparison of Upsie versus Allstate appliance warranties.

How Much Do Appliance Repairs Cost?

After the limited warranty expires, the purchaser will usually need to pay to repair or replace the product out of their own pocket. To balance the benefits of protection plans against the cost, consider some typical appliance repair costs:
  • According to HomeAdvisor, appliance repair bills typically cost up to $241.
  • Bills include labor costs of up to $150 an hour, the price of parts, and sometimes, extra fees for in-home service.
  • The most expensive appliances to fix generally include fridges, ovens, and freezers. Expect repair bills for these appliances to cost from $100 to $450.
  • Dishwashers, washing machines, and even microwave ovens can generate high bills sometimes. Costs will depend on the nature of the problem.
An extended warranty will last longer than the manufacturer’s warranty and cover more types of problems. Very often, the warranty will pay for itself with just one service call.

Compare Upsie Versus Allstate SquareTrade Appliance Repairs

Both Allstate’s (SquareTrade) and Upsie earned good reputations for hassle-free coverage of a wide variety of appliance issues. These problems may vary somewhat according to the type of appliance, but common examples include electrical or mechanical issues and leaks.
To compare the appliance warranty companies, look at Allstate’s costs for a $1,200 refrigerator:
  • Allstate (SquareTrade) offers three-year and five-year plans for appliance warranties.
  • The three-year option costs $149.99, and the five-year plan costs $299.99.
  • Allstate lets customers register appliances they’ve purchased in the past 30 days.
Upsie also offers three or five years of protection. Upsie charges $115.99 for three years, and the five-year plan costs $199.99. In other words, Upsie charges less for their five-year plan than SquareTrade charges for only three years.
Also, Upsie gives their customers up to 11 months to register an appliance. This extra time gives customers a chance to take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty before they need to decide to extend coverage.

Upsie Offers High-Quality Warranty Protection for Less Money

Upsie charges up to 70 percent less than competitors but doesn’t skimp on comprehensive coverage or service. Very often, retailers will offer extended warranties for purchases because it’s an additional source of revenue. However, retailers overcharge for these add-on warranties. Even the Federal Trade Commission urges customers to compare warranties before buying one from a retailer.
Alternatively, Upsie sells directly to customers through its website, saving customers on the cost of coverage. Look at some unique features of Upsie appliance warranties:
  • Large appliance coverage includes in-home repairs from certified technicians. Upsie customers can choose between local or mail-in services for smaller appliances, and Upsie will even pay the postage for two-day shipping.
  • Upsie also has claims representatives available by phone 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Plan members can also contact customer service by phone during the week.
  • Upsie doesn’t limit the number of repairs their customers can make within a year. If Upsie decides the cost of a covered repair doesn’t make sense, they will offer a replacement product.
By choosing Upsie, customers can save hundreds of dollars when an appliance needs repairs. For the best coverage and the best prices, choose Upsie.

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