Air Fryer Versus Deep Fryer: Which One Cooks Better Food?

In the United States, a lot of people associate deep frying with such American favorites as tater tots, French fries, and donuts. Surprisingly, the Ancient Egyptians deep-fried cakes, similar to donuts, about 2,500 years ago. The practice spread around the world, so everybody can now enjoy such worldwide favorites as egg rolls, falafel, and beignets by using at-home air fryers or deep fryers.

Are Fried Foods Healthy?

While almost everybody enjoys deep-fried foods, most people try to moderate fat consumption. According to the National Library of Medicine, eating too much fat can increase the chance of obesity, heart disease, and even some types of cancer.
Eating healthier food accounts for the growing popularity of air fryers. These small appliances can simulate frying but actually work like small convection ovens.

How to Compare Air Fryer Versus Deep Fryer

Besides health concerns, do air fryers or deep fryers do a better job of cooking food?
With an air fryer, a fan blows heated air around the food. They work on the same principle as convection ovens. In contrast, deep fryers immerse food in hot fat. Deep frying removes water from the food’s surface, making it crispy. The hot air in the air fryer simulates the process, producing similar textures.
This list highlights the comparison between deep frying and air frying:
  • Taste: They don’t taste exactly the same. Some people prefer fried food; however, food from an air fryer can taste good too.
  • Health: Fried food will contain more fat and calories than food cooked with no or little fat in an air fryer.
  • Cooking speed: Deep fryers generally cook faster than air fryers. For instance, making French fries in a deep fryer might only take five minutes, while an air fryer might take closer to 20 minutes.
  • Cleaning: Air fryers usually have removable baskets or pans that make cleanup easy. Also, cleaning a deep fryer usually means disposing of used oil.
  • Safety: Deep fryers use hot fat, and this can pose a safety issue. Medical News Today discussed several safety issues associated with deep fryers.
People who love the traditional taste of food cooked in a deep fryer might not feel satisfied with food from an air fryer. On the other hand, air fryers make it easy to prepare healthier versions of these favorite treats.
Foods from an air fryer might not taste the same as foods from a deep fryer. However, they can still taste very good. After people get used to food from an air fryer, they sometimes prefer the less-oily taste. Also, air fryers can roast, toast, and bake food too, so they’re more versatile.
Lots of families buy an air fryer to use at home. They reserve deep-fried treats for restaurant meals. That way, they cut their fat consumption but still get to enjoy traditional cooking.

How to Buy the Best Deep Fryer or Air Fryer Warranty Insurance

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