Ventura – The New MacOS Operating System

Last Monday, Apple users sat riveted during the Apple Developer Conference as the tech giant announced its latest upcoming hardware and software. Some of the innovations that Apple divulged were big changes to macOS named Ventura. Let’s explore the highlights of what’s coming this fall!

Ventura: macOS Updates

Every fall, Apple enthusiasts enjoy a macOS and iOS refresh via updates. This year macOS has been given the moniker Ventura, and it includes dozens of exciting upgrades such as:

Safari & Passkeys

One of the biggest surprises of the keynote event was the announcement that Safari would be doing away with passwords. They are replacing their authentication system with passkeys that are more secure and easier to use. Safari Passkeys are end-to-end encrypted and much stronger than 2FA (two-factor authentication) methods. These new passkeys will also work on non-Apple devices.

Shared Tab Groups

One of the most useful features from last year’s update was tab groups, where you can temporarily create groups of saved tabs without bookmarking them. Then when you are done using them, you just delete the tab group. With Ventura, you can now share tab groups with family and friends, and each user can add, move, and delete tabs.


A long-overdue feature for messages is coming to Ventura. When you send a message by mistake, you can actually delete it, and it will unsend it before the recipient can read it. That feature will also work with Mac Mail. In addition, you can mark messages as unsent so you remember to look at them later.


Across the board, Apple has improved most of its apps for better collaboration. For example, you can use SharePlay in messages and collaborate easily using Messages, Notes, presentations, and reminders. Apple even created a new app called Freeform, which works as a collaborative whiteboard where multiple users can plan, brainstorm, and share ideas instantly.

Stage Manager

The new feature, Stage Manager, allows you to group apps and tuck them neatly over to the side so you can have multiple app groupings open simultaneously and switch seamlessly between them to be even more productive.

Photos Boost

Ventura takes the photos app even further this year by adding the ability to share photos with up to five friends or family members. This way, everyone on the same trip or adventure will get to see all the pictures and share the memories.


FaceTime also gets a boost with the ability to transfer a live call to another device. This is a very handy feature that busy FaceTime users will appreciate. Apple also included a feature so you can use your own iPhone as a webcam to get better quality video and take advantage of more advanced features like Center Stage. Using your iPhone as a camera further taps into Desk View, where you can see your entire desk and share that view with your FaceTime caller.
These are just the main highlights of features to come. However, Apple packed a lot more into the new version coming out in the fall including:
  • Improving SharePlay on Apple Arcade
  • Upgrading the Mac settings area
  • Enhancing security and privacy

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It’s always exciting to see what Apple will come out with next. Whether it’s a new operating system (macOS/iOS/Watch OS, iPad OS) or new hardware like the super-fast M1 and M2 processors, Apple lovers can’t wait to try out the latest updates.
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