Yes, Laptop Insurance is Important and Here’s Why

The laptop market offers shoppers an incredible array of choices. This wealth of options includes power, speed, storage, operating systems, designs and prices. All of this variety benefits laptop shoppers; however, it can also make it hard to pick the perfect PC out of so many brands and models on the market.

Why Future-Proof Your PC Purchase

TechRepublic offered some advice about choosing a new laptop with business users in mind, but it really applies to all individuals. They suggested increasing the value of the laptop by considering future-proof features that would keep the computer usable and productive for several years to come.
By thinking of a new laptop as a long-term investment, it’s also possible to justify spending a bit more and not having to make compromises. Even folks who like to buy the latest model every year or two have started to think of the resale value of their computer. A future-proof laptop should also hold its value better on the resale market. According to Transparency Marketing, reselling computers has blossomed into a growth industry.
To future-proof a laptop investment:
  • Most consumers might just think about performance, memory, battery life, and durability. In addition to these important factors, also consider connectivity options, security, display quality, and available ports.
  • While some people might think storage matters, lots of computer users turn towards cloud storage these days. Rather than investing in the largest SSD drive, many shoppers could benefit by using their budget on other important components.
  • Buying an extended warranty from Upsie doesn’t only protect you, it provides peace-of-mind to a future buyer since you can transfer your warranty to the new owner.

How Good Laptop Insurance Will Future-Proof an Investment

Almost everybody who spends several hundred dollars on their perfect PC probably pictures keeping that computer in tip-top shape for at least a few years. Sadly, these feature-rich but vulnerable devices don’t always meet expectations because of defects or accidents.
That’s why it’s important to consider the pros and cons of buying extended laptop warranties. Very often, good protection plans can pay for themselves after just one incident. Not only will laptop insurance help pay for repairs, it will also ensure access to qualified repair techs and encourage people to get small matters fixed before they turn into big problems.

How Upsie Helps Future-Proof Computers

It might take some time to pick out the best laptop. At the same time, nobody should have a hard time choosing Upsie as their computer warranty company. For instance:
  • Their direct-on-the-internet registration and sales strategy allows them to provide customers with the most robust coverage and competitive prices in their industry.
  • Upsie offers their customers 24-7 online or phone claims and a choice between postage-paid, mail-in or local repair services.
  • Purchasers of qualified new or used laptops have up to 60 days to register an Upsie warranty, so they don’t need to feel rushed at the time of sale.
  • Upsie helps pay for covered defects, failures, and accidents with a modest $25 deductible and no extra fees.
  • Repair options include prepaid mail in service, or local repairs at a certified facility (Upsie even covers Genius Bar repairs for Apple products).
Get started by visiting the laptop extended warranty page to read all the details in clear, transparent language.
Even better, Upsie doesn’t just cover laptops. They also offer protection plans for desktops, mobile phones, tablets, and many other kinds of electronics.
Prudent shoppers will want to compare various brands and models of laptops before deciding which one they can enjoy using for years. After that, deciding to buy a laptop warranty from Upsie should not take any time at all.

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