Is Now the Best Time to Buy a MacBook Pro Computer?

Apple computer fans have earned a reputation as eager consumers of the latest tech from their favorite company. According to many MacBook Pro computer buyers, any time presents a good opportunity to look for the latest upgrades.
Still, a new MacBook Pro can represent a sizable investment of several thousand dollars. Prudent shoppers will want to time their purchases well to enjoy the best value. For some, that means waiting for discounts and promotions. For others, that could also mean holding out for the newest technology. Current Apple device owners can also look into Apple’s trade-in program that offers credit towards a new purchase.
With that in mind, is this the best time to buy a new MacBook Pro?

Has Apple Put MacBook Pro Computers on Sale?

Apple mostly competes with innovation and style and not by trying to offer the lowest prices. While Apple hasn’t exactly put their computers on sale, the company has made some moves that can help bargain hunters find a better deal.
According to CNET, Apple has replaced Intel chips with their own M1 chip design for the M1 MacBook Pro. Right now, buyers can find discounts on both the new M1 with Apple chips and older stock of MacBook Pro computers that still run with an Intel chip.
CNET suggested passing on the older models in favor of the new M1 because of its improved performance. They also mentioned that people could check Apple’s site for factory-refurbished computers. This way, they can pay about $200 less for a refurbished MacBook Pro M1 than they could for a brand-new one.

Should MacBook Pro Buyers Wait for the New Release?

Like everybody else, MacBook Pro buyers generally hope to find a good deal. At the same time, they’re often more interested in future-proofing their investment by waiting just a little longer for the latest technology. Tom’s Guide predicted that the MacBook Pro for 2021 will deliver the most significant set of upgrades in several years.
Nobody has the final specs, but these are anticipated changes to upcoming MacBook Pro computers:
  • Apple may upgrade the chips for even faster processing speed.
  • They’re expected to offer both a 14-inch and a 16-inch model.
  • The display may have a slim or zero-bezel design that resembles the screen of an iPhone 12 more than previous MacBook Pro computers.
  • Expect 32GB of RAM and 4TB of storage.
Sadly, CNET doesn’t expect these new computers to hit the market until at least July. They might not arrive until as late as September. Apple fans who love buying the latest innovations from their favorite computer company might have to wait.

How to Protect New and Refurbished MacBook Pro Computers

Figuring how to time the purchase of a MacBook Pro computer can take some effort; however, it’s easy to find the best MacBook Pro warranty protection from Upsie.
For instance:
  • Upsie typically charges less than AppleCare or any of the main warranty competitors for a three-year protection plan. At the same time, Upsie only has a $25 deductible, compared to much higher deductibles from Apple, BestBuy, SquareTrade, or Amazon.
  • Upsie covers manufacturing defects and accidents with 24-7 claims service and a choice of pre-paid mail or local repairs. And yes, Upsie will even pay for approved repairs at Apple’s Genius Bar.
  • So long as the computer comes with at least a 30-day seller’s warranty, Upsie will cover new, used, and refurbished MacBook Pro computers. Even better, new buyers have up to 60 days to lock in their protection from Upsie.
Besides Apple computers, Upsie also offers protection for such popular laptop brands as Lenovo, Microsoft, HP, and Dell. Save money and enjoy comprehensive protection with an Upsie extended warranty.

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