The Best Printers Available in 2021 (Reviews)

It may be the future, but we’re far from paperless. Having a reliable printer at home is even more important now than a year or two ago for many families, thanks to the rise in working from home. If your old printer isn’t cutting it anymore (or if you’ve never had one), shopping for the best printers of today can be a little overwhelming.
Below, you’ll find top printer picks for 2021 in several categories. Whatever your printing needs look like, one of these should meet them.
If you do pick up a new printer for use around the home, make sure to pair it with a top-quality extended warranty from Upsie. Printers have tons of moving parts, and moving parts mean the possibility of failure. Gain added peace of mind with a high-quality warranty so you’re not stuck if something goes wrong.

Types of Printers

Before getting into specific models, here’s a refresher on the main types of printers available today.


The classic at-home printer, the inkjet uses small tanks of liquid ink to put images and text on paper. Inkjet printers themselves can be very affordable, but the ink is costly and you’ll use it up pretty quickly. Inkjet printers (of sufficient quality) tend to produce more realistic color images, so if you’re planning to print a lot of photos, inkjet is the way to go.


Laser printers prioritize speed, efficiency and reliability. Many are monochrome, though more expensive color models are also an option. The ink is powder-based and longer lasting (called toner) – though when you do eventually need to replace the toner, it’s going to cost you. If you need to print lots of documents and aren’t as concerned about reproducing vibrant photos, laser printing is the way to go.
Laser toner cartridges also cannot dry out like inkjet cartridges. If you need to print only every once in a while, a laser printer is the better choice.


Do you need to easily print double-sided documents? Do you need scanning and copying capability? What about stapling or hole-punching? Multifunction printers offer some or all these functions. Most multifunction printers are laser printers.
While you may find an occasional inkjet that has a flatbed scanner attached, most are not designed with multifunction in mind.

Best Overall Inkjet Printer: HP ENVY Pro 6452 All-in-One

One of the top all-around inkjet printers for the year, the HP ENVY Pro 6452 produces quality images and is eligible for HP’s Instant Ink subscription program. If you plan to print in sufficient volume to use up your cartridges before they dry up, Instant Ink is a great call.
The ENVY Pro 6452 also has scanning, copying and faxing capabilities, though it can’t duplex and is limited in terms of print speed and recommended monthly throughput.

Best Budget Inkjet Printer: Canon Pixma TS5320 Wireless Inkjet

If you’re especially price conscious, the Canon Pixma TS5320 is attractive because it sits at a very low price point. It offers a lot, including wireless printing and gorgeous photo prints. The ongoing costs can be steep, though, with expensive cartridges you’ll need fairly often.

Best Monochrome Laser Printer: HP Neverstop Laser

If you don’t need color printing at all, you’ll save on long-term costs with a monochrome laser printer. The HP Neverstop Laser 1001nw is a bit steeper up front, but its long-term costs are crazy low thanks to a cutting-edge cartridge-free system. Print up to 2000 pages a month and never replace toner again!

Best Color Laser Printer: Brother HL-8360CDW

Color lasers are the best of both worlds for many. You can get decent enough color prints, but with the higher capacity and faster throughput of a laser printer. In this category, the Brother HL-8360 is one of the best in 2021. With great print quality and fast print speeds (not to mention high-yield toner!), this Brother printer can print a lot, quickly, and keep on going.

Best Multifunction Laser for Home Office: Brother MFC-L3770CDW

The only downside to the previous Brother is that it can’t do much besides print. If you need a color laser with a document feeder, duplexing, scanning and fax capabilities, step up to the impressive Brother MFC-L3770CDW. It may have a steeper price tag, but it does everything your home office will ever need.

Protect Your New Printer with an Upsie Extended Warranty

Whichever printer you choose, don’t forget an Upsie extended accessory warranty to protect it from damage or failure. For a fraction of the purchase price, you’ll get coverage up to that purchase price in repair or replacement if something goes wrong.
With a high-performance piece of machinery with plenty of moving parts, an extended warranty is a no-brainer.

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