How to Select the Best All-Purpose Monitor for Your Computer

Shopping for a new computer monitor can be complicated. Very often, people rely on the same monitor for business, entertainment, school, and of course, gaming. At the same time, some manufacturers produce monitors with features that seem to focus on satisfying just one kind of user. Explore some top-selling monitors to find the right general-purpose monitor to buy.

Good Computer Monitors for Multiple Uses

Consider these examples of good choices for all-around computer monitors that shouldn’t break budgets for most people:

The HP Omen Line

When searching for an all-purpose monitor, it’s easy to overlook the HP Omen line because they’re mostly marketed as gaming accessories. Still, CNET reviews give the Omen 27i high marks as excellent for general use as well. They especially liked the elegant design, lack of screen artifacts, user-friendly port design, and extra task light at the bottom. At about $450, its major drawbacks include the relatively expensive price and lack of built-in speakers (though it does have a headphone jack built in).

BenQ EW2780 27

At less than half of the price of a 27i, this monitor offers a truly budget-friendly choice for a decent monitor. Besides a cheaper price than the Omen 27i, the EW2780 comes with decent-enough speakers. It has three HDMI 2.0 ports and the ability to map colors to compensate for color-blind users.

What to Look for in an All-Around Computer Monitor

Tom’s Guide provided some good tips to consider before shopping for a general-purpose computer monitor. These are some highlights of the suggestions and can help people compare various monitor specs.
  • Think about the most important uses for the monitor: For instance, consider its use for streaming videos, playing MMORPGs, composing documents, or attending Zoom calls. Obviously, it’s most important to focus on the features that will provide a good experience for the monitor’s most common uses.
  • Compare various resolution qualities: These days, HD or Full HD are generally the minimum standards; however, QHD and 4K provide even better picture quality.
  • Balance monitor size with resolution: Typically, larger monitors will suffer with lower resolution more than smaller ones. The monitor examples above had adequate resolution at 27 inches. To save money with lower resolution, it’s better to consider getting a smaller monitor.
  • For refresh rates, larger numbers are better than smaller ones: Gamers want a refresh rate of at least 75 Hz, but many gaming monitors offer at least 120 Hz. For people who aren’t gaming, 60 Hz should do.
  • Compare various panel technologies: As a general rule of thumb, VA monitors provide the most contrast from all angles and are considered best. IPS monitors may perform slightly faster than VA monitors and display colors better. TN monitors are actually the fastest and generally cheaper, but they don’t offer the best image quality from all angles.

Why Protect Computer Monitors With Extended Warranties

High-quality computer monitors don’t represent a tiny investment these days. They’re slimmer, lighter, and more rich in features than ever before. At the same time, these qualities can make monitors quite vulnerable to damage from bumps, spills, and even just simple wear.
Just as it’s important to buy insurance for laptop or desktop computer, it’s also prudent to protect good computer monitors. Lucky for computer owners, Upsie offers affordable and comprehensive coverage for all sorts of computers and accessories. Upsie protection helps access and pay for repairs caused by manufacturing defects that show up after the limited warranty expires.

How to Get Started With Upsie Protection for Computer Monitors

Get started on the monitor extended warranty page by selecting the type of device, cost range, and brand. Upsie customers can also choose between coverage for new or used monitors purchased within the last 60 days. After enrolling, Upsie members can make claims by phone or online and choose between local or mail-in service. Spend time researching the best all-around computer monitor and then visit Upsie for the best protection plan.

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