Are Extended Warranties for Headphones Worth the Money?

Is it worth the money to buy an extended warranty for headphones? People who settle for cheap off-brand headphones or earbuds might take their chances. But this isn’t the case for full-priced headphones that cost $100 or more.

Who Should Consider Buying a Headphone Extended Warranty?

On the other hand, true audiophiles and music professionals usually have their sights set on such brands and models as Bose 700, AirPods Max, or even more expensive options. Not only do these selective buyers expect true fidelity and lots of features, they plan to keep their headphones for years.
Headphone makers will include short-term limited warranties with each sale. These satisfy buyers that their purchase arrives free from defects. However, they exclude other potential and common sources of damage like drops, spills, power shorts and early wear. In order to fully protect an investment in good headphones, consider purchasing a good extended warranty.

What Features Do High-Quality Headphones Offer?

Obviously, high-quality headphones do a great job of reproducing sound. They can do such a good job that they make listeners feel like they’re attending a live concert or in the audience for a podcast.
In addition to the basic feature of offering high-quality sound reproduction, they may also offer:
  • Active noise cancellation: PC Magazine defines noise cancellation as an ability to actively pick up external sounds and cancel them out by sending inverse signals. As an example, the noises from a busy street should not intrude into the listening experience with this feature turned on. This feature may also mean it’s possible to enjoy the sounds at a lower volume, thus preserving hearing.
  • Wireless connections: Many headphones free users from having to connect by a cord to the device that transmits the sound. Most wireless headphones and earbuds work through a Bluetooth connection. Some wireless headphones work without a Bluetooth-enabled device, but they usually require a base station to plug into the transmitting device, like a TV.
  • Water resistance: While most headphones cannot survive a dunk in the water, better ones can withstand a splash at the beach or getting caught outside in a sudden sprinkle. Look for ratings of at least IPX4, which means the device can resist light sprays of water coming from any direction.
  • Apps: These days, lots of companies that produce high-quality headphones also offer free Android and iOS apps. These phone or tablet apps make it much easier to control the headphones than trying to press tiny buttons on the side. With the headphones on, it’s usually impossible to see the buttons anyway.
  • Comfort: In order to enjoy headphones, they must fit comfortably. Manufacturers make amazingly light high-end headphones with comfortable, padded earpads.

Where to Buy the Best Headphone Extended Warranty

Some people think extended warranties for headphones cost too much money for the service and protection that they deliver. Many warranties appear to exist just to offer commissions to middlemen.
However, Upsie is a totally new way to warranty. They sell extended warranties for headphones directly to customers, completely online or via their apps. This lets Upsie offer the best warranty protection and customer service while charging less than such competitors as SquareTrade, AppleCare+, and Amazon. They also only charge $25 deductibles for all headphones plans, which beats most competition.
Don’t rush into a hasty warranty decision at the checkout counter. Instead, know that Upsie gives customers up to 60 days to get a warranty. Enjoy 24-7 claims service, a choice between local and postage-paid, ship-it-in service, and protection against damage from liquid, drops, wear and more.

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