Have a Better Audio Experience with AirPods Pro Accessories

Few people doubt that Apple AirPods Pro have gained increased popularity recently. In fact, Digital Music News estimated sales of about $90 million for AirPods Pro in 2020.
Of course, most people think of earbuds and earphones as accessories that don’t require any additional purchases. As one CNET reviewer jokes, do people really need to purchase accessories for their accessories? Judging by the vast marketplace of AirPods Pro accessories on the market, lots of consumers will spend money to enhance their experience and make up for some small shortcomings in the original product. In the case of AirPods Pro, accessorizing accessories may make sense.

Popular AirPods Pro Accessories

From waterproof cases to foam eartips and wireless transmitters to wireless chargers, look at some products that can add value to the AirPods Pro experience.

Handy, Waterproof Cases

Not only will the Catalyst waterproof AirPods Pro case keep earbuds dry, it can also keep them from getting lost. That’s because an owner can wear it on their neck like a lanyard, strap it to a belt buckle, or even use it as a keychain. The original case fits inside the Catalyst case for extra protection. Find them online for about $30.

Comfortable Eartips

Some people don’t find AirPods comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Others find that they don’t stay lodged securely when running or engaging in other physical activities. Comply foam eartips will not only solve these problems, users find that they help create a vacuum seal that improves sound quality. Some people share their AirPods with others and also prefer to use eartips for hygienic reasons. These memory foam tips for earbuds sell for about $25.

Wireless Transmitter for Plane Trips

Some frequent flyers would prefer to use their AirPods over the generic headphones supplied by the airplane. They just lack a way to plug in their earbuds; however, an AirFly Pro wireless transmitter can connect the earbuds to the sound system via Bluetooth. They also work to broadcast sound built into exercise machines and other devices and cost about $47.

Charge AirPods Pro Wirelessly

Satechi makes a handy wireless charger that works with a powered USB-C port. The charger’s also small and light enough to carry in a purse or pocket. Expect to pay about $27.

Are AirPods Pro the Best Earbuds on the Market?

AirPods Pro gained popularity very quickly; however, consumers have plenty of choices for high-quality earbuds on the market. In an earlier article, Upsie offered some suggestions for the best earbuds on the market to compare. Besides Apple, some other options to consider include Samsung earbuds and Bose earbuds.
Just make certain that the model works with the right devices. For instance, Android users might want to look at Samsung, but Apple users will probably consider AirPods first.

What Else Should Consumers Buy With a Purchase of AirPods Pro?

Apple, Samsung, Bose, and other top manufacturers all deliver great sound quality. On the other hand, the sophistication of these small accessories can make them vulnerable to exposure to moisture, loose connections, and other problems. That means people who buy earbuds should also consider buying an extended warranty to ensure they enjoy a great value.
  • Affordable prices when compared to other warranties
  • A low deductible of only $25
  • A choice between two and three years of protection
  • Access to 24-7 claims representatives
  • Coverage for accidental damage and defects
  • Local and mail-in service
If Apple AirPods Pro or another kind of earbud offers the best value, consumers can also feel satisfied that an Upsie warranty will check all the right boxes. Besides earbuds, Upsie also covers many other kinds of headphones, electronic devices, and appliances.

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