The Best Wireless Earbuds for Your 2021 Sound Experience

There are many reasons why people like earbuds. An occasional escape from the often noisy world, as a practical way to keep up with studies or meetings on the go and out of sheer listening preference are just some of them. Now finding some that are high-quality and meant to last is essential.
Earbuds and all personal listening gear are trendy, so if you love yours, you’re far from alone. Statista reported that, from 2013 to 2017, the headphone industry experienced an increase of 100 million unit sales globally. That translates to more than 368 million units sold in 2017! It also means that many earbud manufacturers are trying to get your attention and business.
Today’s high-end earbuds can ring up to a fairly expensive total at checkout online or in-store, so you want to make sure you protect your new ear gear with a robust extended headphone warranty. Upsie has you covered for trips to the gym, listening from the comfort of your home and everything between.

How Can You Choose the Best Wireless Earbuds In a Bustling Market?

The moment you start your earbud search, you might notice there are many styles and brands with various capabilities. How do you narrow down your choices to find something that ticks off all your boxes without breaking the bank and that features a design meant to last? You don’t want to invest in a pair of earbuds for them to start shorting out in six months or even a year. You want something that promises quality for the long haul. Short of that, it would help if you had a warranty that will work for you. However, there are some distinct factors to help you decide on the right earbuds, and here are a few:
  • Earpiece: There are several earphone types from which you can choose, as far as shape and texture. Since everyone’s ears are different, with unique contours and padding, some manufacturers use various materials and designs to help you find what works for your comfort in addition to high-quality sound. Some earpieces are flat and disk-shaped with a small piece of rubber foam to buffer any ambient noise, round with soft rubber or a Bluetooth-style earpiece. The soft rubber earpieces often fit into the contours of your ears, while the hard, disk-shaped earpieces tend to wedge into position with a little push.
  • Connection Options: This factor is important because it determines the conduit attaching your earbuds to your device transmitting the sound. Here, you decide whether you want traditional earbuds with cords or you feel it’s time to invest in wireless earphones that make it easier since you don’t end up getting hung up on door handles or anything else.

A Few Top Picks for Wireless Earbuds in 2021

Now that you have some ideas about finding the right wireless earbuds, you might want to check out a list of some top picks this year.

AirPods Pro for Apple Users

Apple lovers will appreciate the new AirPods Pro, fostering their preferred Apple listening ecosystem. Always delivering the latest in sound technologies, Apple offers equalizing technology that produces studio-simulated stereo sound, as if you’re sitting next to the artist, notes CNN. Another impressive feature that many people seek today is the noise-canceling capability, crushing distracting ambient noise to offer you a truly immersive listening experience. The best part is you can use your AirPods with any iOS device, including your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer. The cost of these high-end earbuds adds up to $219-249, depending on where you buy them.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung consistently does its best to keep up with Apple’s advances to ensure that their loyal customers don’t miss out. The Galaxy Buds Pro do just that and more, offering several features Android loyalists will love. First, the noise cancellation feature is close in capability to that of AirPods and allows you to let in outside noise anytime you need to. The Buds Pro earbuds feature a Transparency mode that is excellent for amplifying ambient noise at crucial times, such as when you need to hear oncoming traffic, the doorbell, or your phone’s ring. You’ll love these stylish, functional earbuds that will shut out or let in the world as needed. The average price on these popular earbuds comes to around $199.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Moving out of the proprietary brand arena, you can’t go wrong with Bose, which fits a huge array of devices and not only gives Apple a run for its money but takes it by storm. Bose has it all when it comes to high-fidelity sound and amazing noise-canceling abilities. The only drawback to Bose for smartphone lovers is that it does lack voice-calling and other mobile-specific features. With a price tag at $279, Bose might give Android and iOS owners pause.

Protect Your Sound Investment

Regardless of the earbuds you choose, make sure to take the extra step to protect them with an extended headphone warranty. Contact the Upsie customer service team to learn about their low-price, high-quality headphone warranties.

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