Best Headphones by Battery Life in 2022

Wireless headphones are great. They’re the perfect way to enjoy music, podcasts, and more on the go. That is, of course, until the battery runs out and you’re left with useless headphones. Then, it’s back to reality until there are the necessary means and time to charge them.
Yet, not all wireless headphones are created equal. Across differing pairs of both headphones and earbuds, many should last for at least a full day before running out of juice. With that, there’s little need to worry about flat batteries on a daily basis. Many pairs will also keep going well into the evening and beyond.
The most capable should even have the power to last for several days between top-ups from an outlet. As a result, today’s best wireless headphones and earbuds offer incredible convenience.

Six of the Best Headphones and Earbuds by Battery Life

Incredibly long battery lives are now available from both on-ear or over-ear wireless headphones and smaller, in-ear earbuds. In terms of the former, their larger dimensions allow manufacturers to squeeze in sizable batteries with relative ease. As battery technology gets better and better, the length of time that these batteries last grows, too.
Meanwhile, as far as smaller earbuds, different manufacturers take various approaches to pushing the limits of their individual models’ all-important battery capacities. Again, with battery tech improving, the tiny cells in each earbud now last longer and longer.
Many manufacturers also include charging cases with their best wireless earbuds to bolster this capacity. You can then use a separate larger battery in the case to top up the smaller batteries in the earbuds themselves as necessary.

Wireless Headphones With the Longest Battery Life

Whether enjoying blockbuster movies at home or streaming music on the go, today’s wireless headphones are better than ever. It’s especially apparent when it comes to their batteries. Among the best in this regard are Edifier’s W830BT Bluetooth Headphones, which promise a staggering battery life of almost 100 hours on just a single charge.

Edifier W830BT Bluetooth Headphones (95 hours)

Right now, few headphone manufacturers can compete with Edifier when it comes to battery life. The Edifier W830BT Bluetooth Headphones promise up to 95 hours of battery life. That’s in addition to packing 40mm neodymium drivers for a rich, deep sound enhanced by aptX decoding. Extra-soft ear pads and a padded headband mean they’re comfortable, too, even when worn for long periods.

Audio-Technica ATH-SR30BT Over-Ear Headphones (70 hours)

Hot on the heels of Edifier is Audio-Technica. The company’s Audio-Technica ATH-SR30BT Over-Ear Headphones deliver exceptionally pure audio for up to 70 hours. Incredibly stylish-looking, they also boast a built-in mic and controls as well as an immensely useful fold-flat, portable design. Hugely convenient, it’s a design provision that’s all too often missing from over-ear wireless headphones.

Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones (40 hours)

For a time, the Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones were the market leader in terms of battery life. Now knocked into third place, Beats’ stylish solution still impresses with 40 hours of playback on a single charge. Solo3 buyers can also look forward to fine-tuned acoustics for clarity, depth, and noise isolation, powered by Apple’s top-rated W1 chip.

Wireless Earbuds With the Longest Battery Life

Most wireless earbuds now run on the power stored between their built-in batteries and the additional juice in their charging cases. As such, today’s best wireless earbuds can go for days at a time without the need for extra power from an outlet. Take the Bay Back Duet 50 Pros, for example, where up to 130 hours of listening time is possible.

Bay Back Duet 50 Pro (130 hours)

In 2022, there’s one stand-out pair of wireless earbuds that’s streets ahead of the competition in regards to battery life. With that, Bay Back Duet 50 Pro buyers can expect up to 130 hours of playback on the go. Offering eight hours on a single charge and an extra 122 hours via the power stored in their case, it’s an incredible feat of engineering from the manufacturer.

Lypertek PurePlay Z3 2.0 (80 hours)

Those searching for noise isolation and long-lasting power in the same package will want to consider the Lypertek PurePlay Z3 2.0 isolating earbuds. Although they can’t match the Duet 50 Pros from Bay Back, there’s a combined 80 hours of power on offer between them and their case. That includes ten hours of straight playback between charges from the earbuds themselves.

Master & Dynamic MW08 (42 hours)

There’s a delicate balance to be struck between the battery capacity of wireless earbuds and their separate charging cases. The Master & Dynamic MW08 earbuds strike that balance nicely. Boasting active noise-canceling technology and up to 42 hours of playback, the individual earbuds last longer between top-ups than most other wireless models at 12 hours.
That’s four hours longer than the Bay Back Duet 50 Pros. So, while their case is only good for an additional 30 hours between charges, there’s an added convenience to the long-lasting nature of the smaller batteries in the actual earbuds, as opposed to just their secondary power source.

Protect Your Headphones and Earbuds With Upsie

Many of today’s top wireless headphones and earbuds, including those with the longest-lasting batteries, are an increasingly expensive proposition. Unfortunately, they’re also consistently prone to various common issues. Accordingly, it’s important to take good care of them. Properly looked after, they should last for many years.
A great way to help guarantee this is with an extended headphone warranty from Upsie. Upsie’s extended headphone warranties are available for on-ear or over-ear headphones and smaller, in-ear earbuds alike. These warranties offer complete peace of mind should manufacturing defects, mechanical faults, or other issues arise.
Crucially, Upsie’s headphone warranty policies also feature accidental damage protection. That includes everything from drops and cracks to liquid spills and even complete submersion in water. With Upsie, customers gain comprehensive warranties with great customer service, comprehensive protection, and low prices. In addition, Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70 percent less than warranties sold elsewhere.
Other perks include unlimited claims up to the cost of a pair of headphones or earbuds. To find out more or to lock in an extended headphone warranty in just minutes, head to or download the Upsie app for iOS and Android.

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