Bring Alexa Home: Compare Amazon Echo Smart Speakers

Alexa, the AI virtual assistant, has already made her way into homes and businesses via hundreds of millions of devices sold by Amazon. But, judging by the number of devices, Alexa might not have claimed the title of the most popular virtual assistant. That would probably go to the AI voice assistants included with common smartphones, such as Siri and Bixby.
Still, it’s fair to argue that Alexa may have forged the most engaged audience. Of course, having a feature installed on a versatile device, like a phone, isn’t the same as actually choosing to rely on it.
According to the Verge, people buy such devices as Amazon Echo smart speakers because they’re specifically choosing Alexa over another option. As a popular choice for people who want to invite Alexa to their homes, compare some options for Amazon Echo smart speakers.

How to Compare Popular Amazon Echo Smart Speakers

Since Amazon updates their large line of smart speakers so often, it’s tough to keep up with the different sizes, capabilities, and benefits of various models. For a quick primer, consider these popular examples of Amazon echo smart speakers.

Amazon Echo 4th Generation

According to PC Magazine, this latest version of the Amazon Echo packs extra power. It has robust features and reasonable sound quality, all packed into a round globe that’s a little larger than a softball. Amazon priced it at only $99 and included the features of the Echo Plus, which sold for $150. It’s a good deal for a great introduction to Alexa.

Amazon Echo Dot

For the most basic device, people can still buy an Amazon Echo Dot for $44.99. They did replace its former hockey puck shape with a globe. The version with a clock on the surface sells for $55.99 and offers a boost in functionality with the LED display. There’s also a kid’s version that comes with a cute animal face, sells for $54.99, and offers such kid-friendly features as parental controls and a year’s subscription to Amazon Kids. It’s pretty easy to justify the expense of any of these Echo Dot devices because they provide access to all Amazon Echo functionality at a modest price.

Amazon Echo Studio

Amazon prices the Echo Studio at $199. For that price, expect sound quality one might expect to find in speakers that cost much more. Besides serving as good speakers, the Echo Studio also offers access to Alexa, voice controls, and other Amazon smart speaker features.

Amazon Echo Flex

Perhaps a purist wouldn’t exactly call the Amazon Echo Flex a smart speaker. It’s small enough to plug into an outlet and can also charge cell phones with a USB adapter. Also, technically, it does contain a microphone and speaker, like the other devices. Users can also buy such accessories as night lights and motion sensors. Plus, the Amazon Echo Flex only costs $9.99.

Are There Good Extended Warranties for Amazon Smart Speakers?

Not only do these Amazon Echo smart speakers offer access to the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant, they also make excellent tech gifts for children, young adults, and even seniors. They’re probably worth the price to most people just for the speakers, but they can do so much more than play music. Just a few examples include streaming podcasts and radio shows, answering questions, controlling smart appliances, and even playing games.
Nobody wants to start relying upon these handy devices just to have them roll off the table or suffer from an electrical short, connection failure, or stuck button. Luckily, Upsie smart speaker warranties keep unexpected repair bills at bay while ensuring quick repairs from certified technicians. If your Alexa breaks, Upsie has you covered.
Unlike most electronics warranties, Upsie covers drops, spills, wear, defects, and a broad range of problems. Even better, they keep prices affordable and only charge a small $25 deductible. Upsie customers can file claims 24-7 and choose between local and mail-in repairs too. With so many choices, picking the best Amazon smart speaker may take some effort. On the other hand, Upsie makes it easy to select them for warranty protection.

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