Compare Peloton Bike Versus ProForm Studio Bike for 2022

Peloton has attracted lots of attention recently, though the company probably would have rather avoided most of it. Instead, this standard in advanced exercise equipment starred as the plot point in a couple of TV shows. Plus, Peloton had to issue a safety recall on the Tread+.
Most recently, CNBC reported that Peloton planned to stop production of their exercise bikes and treadmills for several weeks beginning in 2022. The company said they had overestimated demand, possibly due to increasing consumer price sensitivity and competition from other brands. When the pandemic started, many people worked from home, and gyms closed. This environment attracted many new home fitness customers. However, since life started to creep back towards normal, demand has waned.
Even so, this company will probably remain a leader in the connected fitness equipment market. Still, consumers might want to compare Peloton bikes to such competitors as the ProForm Studio Bike to weigh costs, benefits, and features.

Does ProForm Offer a Better Deal Than Peloton in 2022?

CNET reported that Peloton dropped the price of their popular fitness bikes in 2021. The Peloton Bike costs $1,495, and the Bike Plus retails for about $1,000 more. In addition, the subscription to Peloton’s online membership costs $39.95 a month. Plenty of fitness enthusiasts like the idea of these advanced bikes and their connected services. However, they don’t want to invest quite that much money in at-home fitness.
The affordability issue explains the appeal of the Proform Studio Bike. Proform delivers connected fitness bikes for $0, so long as the purchaser agrees to keep their $39 iFit subscription for three years. The $39 monthly charge works out to $1,404, which is less than the upfront charge for a Peloton Bike, and Peloton will still charge a $39.95 subscription on top of that.

How Do the Peloton Bike and ProForm Studio Bike Compare?

These two premium fitness bikes have similar footprints, frame construction, and connectivity features. Peloton comes with a much larger 21.5-inch touchscreen, but the ProForm Bike only offers a 10-inch HD touchscreen. The Peloton Bike includes a camera, but the ProForm Studio Bike does not.
On the other hand, the ProForm bike screen can rotate to make it easier to use iFit for other fitness routines. The ProForm Bike comes with a pair of dumbbells to add to this benefit.
While Peloton has emerged more recently as a famous brand of home exercise machines, the same parent company runs both NordicTrack and Proform. These companies have held onto their reputations for producing popular and innovative exercise machines for decades. If any prospective fitness equipment buyers don’t want a stationary bike, they might find ProForm’s similar deal on the Carbon E7 elliptical trainer interesting as well.

The Best Warranty for Peloton or ProForm Fitness Bikes

Most people who plan to invest several hundred dollars in a high-quality fitness machine also hope to use it regularly. However, any problems with the components, frame, or electronics can create a significant obstacle for even the most dedicated fitness buff.
A stationary bike warranty from Upsie will protect your fitness equipment by providing prompt access to certified technicians and preventing high repair bills and hassles. Choose between three and five years of protection and enjoy 24-7 claims by phone or online. Even better, Upsie sends certified technicians to their customers’ homes without charging a deductible or extra fees for fitness machine repairs.
Most importantly, an Upsie fitness bike warranty will ensure the equipment keeps performing well for years.

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